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#1: Visit the “Real” Santa Claus in Finland

It’s Christmas Time and What would be more exciting than meeting Santa Claus!

I’m pretty sure many of you may be like, ‘Idiot, Santa is not real!’ and ‘He is So dumb! He still believes in Santa!’

Being A child we’ve always wished of seeing Santa and telling him our gifts list…
What if, I told he’s real? You’d not believe me but its true.

When I grew up I actually found out that Santa lives in Rovaniemi, Finland. Sorry to disappoint you, He doesn’t live in the north pole as your parents told you!

So Where is Rovaniemi?

Rovaniemi is the administrative capital and commercial center of Finland’s northernmost province, Lapland. It is situated about 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of the Arctic Circle.

How to Reach there?

Despite its northern location, Rovaniemi is well connected to the rest of the world. From abroad, the town is easiest to get to by plane via Helsinki. Inside Finland, Rovaniemi can be reached by plane, train, coach or car. In the winter – the Christmas season in particular – charter flights with hotel packages are offered from many countries.

Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi

Is it like what I see in Movies?

The whole village is made up of several buildings: shop pavilions, Santa Claus’ Main Post Office and, obviously, the office of Santa Claus itself. In front of it you can see a line painted on the ground with an inscription Arctic Circle 66° 33’44”.

To make everyone even more into the Christmas spirit there are carols playing from the speakers all the time, even during Summer season. And so we pitched a tent behind the petrol station across the street merrily humming Jingle Bells and Silent Night. It is truly a magical place, full of love and joy.

Not similar to the movies, but it could be something familiar!

Where are the Elves?

Now who’s the idiot, huh! 😛

Just kidding guys, No there aren’t elves. Sorry to disappoint you!

But some guys at various stores and the post office dress up like elves, if that makes you happy! Of Course you could dress up like one, and meet Santa!

I wish I get to visit Santa soon and tell him how bad you’ll have been to me!

Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed reading about my wish or if you have any questions about planning a trip to Lapland – well we could go together!

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