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#2: Swing on the Edge Of The World in Ecuador

A single swing that will hang you over the end of the world.

The constant desire to keep on traveling makes me find places the imagination isn’t even capable of inventing and my eyes are in awe of the sights presented in front of me. My mind is baffled by the sheer amount of information it receives daily, about the swing in Ecuador.

Deep in the Ecuadorian Badlands is a seismic observation station known as Casa del Arbol or “The Treehouse” because it is simply a small house built on a tree used for observing Mt. Tungurahua, the active volcano in the near distance.

The real attraction here is the crude swing hanging from one of the tree’s skinny branches.

You may think that the Treehouse looks pretty cool, so what so exciting about a crude swing?

This swing is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! I mean really, when are you going to dangle your feet over a thousand foot canyon? Um… NEVER! With adrenaline pumping… You are actually swinging on the edge of the world!
At their own risk, tourists—even children—swing at Casa del Arbol just for the thrill of it. So far, no deaths have been reported, so the swing must be sturdy enough to last that long. Funny if it should break when it’s your turn, though
I mean, come on…swinging on a swing-set at a local park is fun in its own right. But add a tree house, and a CLIFF, and oh, I don’t know…8,000+ feet of elevation and mountains and fog and that’s what you get… Awesomeness.

Source: Hope Engaged

Adventurous visitors are welcome to take a ride on the swinging seat, which may have been updated recently, adding a small, fabric belt to hold you in a bit. You’re not actually swinging out over a void but over a vertiginous hill!

Where is it?

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