App Review: DU Speed Booster

If you’ve had an Android phone long, you’re likely aware of the fact that, when it comes to getting performance out of your machine, it’s rather hit or miss. Over time, things get a bit complicated.
Without pretty strenuous maintenance, you’ll quickly find yourself with less RAM—and a much less enjoyable phone. This is why DU Speed Booster, from DU Apps, exists.(Though I’m not sure if it actually works)DU Speed Booster is designed to quickly and efficiently improve your phone’s performance in a variety of ways. 

Concept and Functionality

As stated, DU Speed Booster aims to do one thing for your phone, but in an extreme variety of ways. If you’ve ever used an app called Game Booster, or something similar for Windows or Mac, then you’re already ahead of the curve and know how DU Speed Booster behaves.The application scans your phone and its hardware for ways to improve performance and reduce system drag. For instance, there are often a number of unique sub-processes running behind the scenes that you don’t necessarily need.

Depending on the settings you’ve chosen, DU Speed Booster can remove those calculations from the stack, freeing up more RAM for you to use.

This selection and removal are entirely based on what you’ve told DU Speed Booster you’d like to do. It’s got a Game Booster setting—like on the desktop—that will aim to improve your graphics processing. Or, you can select the mode that optimizes your existing space and hardware.

Want to go nuclear? There’s an option that will guide you through removing all unneeded apps and items.
And so on and so forth, leading up to a much more efficacious phone or tablet. And when your device has been alive as long as our day-to-day phone has, you often need that quick steroid injection to get you through the day!

Design and Interface

The real perk here is not so much the features that DU Speed Booster has to offer—though they’re unbelievably useful—but rather the title’s design and interface.

You see, many different companies have offered up the same utilities. However, very few have done it with as much panache as DU Speed Booster.

The interface is incredibly easy to use. No matter what you’re trying to do with your phone, or what you’re trying to optimize, you can land there without much struggle. And the application looks great on the eyes, to boot. This adds up to a solid experience, which matters a lot in this crowded field.

DU Speed Booster My Rating is 3.5 out of 5