Review: Surface Pro 3

It was time for me to buy a new laptop. I didn’t go through many of the other options as I was a fan of the Surface Pro 3 the day it was launched. And I was lucky to get a chance of ordering the holy grail in the world of compacts PCs-the Surface Pro 3. I had it ordered in the USA. It was a long wait but I finally got it. The Surface Pro 3 which I ordered was a 128GB i5 model which was priced at $899+$129 for the keyboard. Yes, the price was high! But when I first saw it, it didn’t disappoint me. It is totally worth the big bucks I paid! Here is a detailed review on it…

In the box:

When the box is opened, the first thing seen is the device itself. On the side is a box which consists of the charger. The charger is actually magnetic! Below the device is the Surface Pen and the batteries for it. Below it is the Warranty and the other usual paperwork.

The Hardware!

When you see it, you spend some time just admiring the hardware it has. It just weighs about 800g (798g to be precise). The thickness of the SP3 is about 9mm which is surprisingly thinner than my Lumia 1320. The build quality is beyond par and just appeals to the eye. The Surface is made of a metal which Microsoft has invented on its own and is exclusively used for the Surface Pro 3 The screen is a 12-inch screen with a resolution of 2160×1440. The screen is as beautiful as it can get, but there is a little glare when it is outdoors. The keyboard is attached to the device with magnets. Removing the keyboard again is easy.

Utility hardware:

It consists of one full-sized USB port and one MiniDisplay port on the right-hand side of the device. It has volume rockers and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the left. On the top sits the Power/Lock button. The buttons are very clicky and responsive. There are two front facing speakers on the front side. The speakers are comparatively louder than I expected. It is Bluetooth enabled. It also has 5MP cameras both on the front and the rear. They are comparatively good but won’t appeal to shutterbugs. The Surface comes with a Surface Pen. It acts as a stylus for it. The build is the same sturdy one as of the Surface Pro 3. It is mainly used for OneNote and is connected to the device by Bluetooth. The Surface Pro 3 uses Palm Block technology which cancels the input by palm when using the pen. So you can easily keep your palm on the screen while using the pen.


The model I ordered is a 128GB i5 which has 4GB RAM. If you go for higher models like the i5 256GB or higher or any i7 variant, you get 8GB RAM. It has an Intel Graphics HD 4200 inside. So, it isn’t really meant for gaming. l installed Asphalt 8 on it and works pretty well but the laptop heats up a little after playing for a long time. So the laptop isn’t really meant for gaming but can be used for normal student or office work. And for that casual use, it works awesome. It smoother than any other laptop and one can actually enjoy typing document because of the beautiful screen and the awesome keyboard which Microsoft sells as a different accessory.

The Keyboard:

The keyboard for the Surface Pro 3 is sold as an accessory for 130$. The keyboard is unbelievably thin. At first, l didn’t think that a keyboard this thing would do a great job for typing. But, I was wrong again because this keyboard was one of the best I have ever used. It turned out to be backlit which makes it even more beautiful. The keys were very clicky and responsive It packs a punch when it comes typing experience.

The Verdict:

The Surface Pro 3 is one of the best devices on the laptop market. The build is the best as one can get. It isn’t meant for gamers or people who have to spend long hours on their devices. It is for people with normal use and for people who travel a lot and who want compactness in their devices. If you are one of them, the SP3 is the one to go for.

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