Buzzoole Finder – an influence search tool for online marketing professionals

Hello guys, I had been invited to try out and review a new tool for digital communication and marketing professionals called Finder, by Buzzoole. It was sure, I would say yes, as anything that can help me grow and understand the professional side of technology is always a YES. So here I’ll explain to all of you how this amazing tool works:

First, let me explain to you what it really is:

A finder is a search tool created by the Buzzoole Team which influences the various digital communication and marketing professionals to help create a report on the market targets

Using the Finder has enabled one to take a thorough look at their target market and I believe they have developed a better understanding of the world of viral word of mouth, so as to optimally direct their actions towards the involvement of influencers and the most active users.

You know what I myself was found by the Buzzoole Team using their next-gen search tool Finder to promote their ‘ amazing tool  ‘ It finds the passive influencers using Buzzoole’s proprietary algorithm.

The main aspect of this tool is that it helps brands and agencies to search for influencers by topic, location and skill based on more than 2 billion online profiles, including Twitter accounts, Facebook, personal blogs and websites.

Now, let’s explain to you how it works:

First, you’ll need to sign up using your Twitter profile, that’s it! Now, you can go straight to the search page and start finding who or what you’re looking for.. Isn’t that the easiest thing to do.

Whether you’re a social media professional or a blogger, this tool might become really convenient. I can understand how useful it can be if you’re organizing a campaign or a blogger exchange program. All you have to do is find all the right people, at the click of a button!As a blogger, it may also help me know which people or brands to follow, and possibly end up getting my much-needed audience.

I myself did a search for all the TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS who could help me reach my audience and got 5 sample results.Then, I requested the report and still haven’t got any reply.

Let’s see what it is! I’ll update it as soon as I get the complete report.

Update: 5 April 2015

I got the complete report and it appears a lot informative. It was a PDF document which had to be Downloaded from the Reports tab. It gave a short description of the Leading “Influencers for Technology”

Here is a screenshot of the report:

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