Myntra : This One’s for You!! #ItsPersonal

Everyone will be well aware of the news that Myntra had planned to shut down their website and go the APP-WAY !!

Phones are by far the closest thing we have with us, right now!! It has been with us for all our problems, right?

Had a fight with your partner? You will swear to him on the phone! Wanna talk with the person you love, we’d call her/him talk our heart out! Hungry? Find the closest and yummiest restaurant using your smartphone. And wanna buy something cool to wear? Check out Myntra’s App!

Isn’t that an amazing stuff, Myntra?? See! I’m advertising your stuff!!

But this post wasn’t for the advertisement! I’m here to help Myntra get the craziest and the quirkiest marketing ideas…  😉

What if I was to don Myntra’s Marketing Hat? What would I do to connect with my customers? That’s a stuff I’ve been thinking of from the past few hours!!

The first thing that came in my mind, was a fashion show. But, isn’t that to mainstream!! So chuck that stuff…

Um…. What else?

Why not provide a live photo trying feature in your App? I know I’m bad at explaining stuff, But, let’s try!

You provide the users with a feature which allows them to try out their products virtually on their Mobiles!

Isn’t that an amazing idea?

One more suggestion is… Be Everywhere…

This doesn’t mean just blogging or being active on social media  – which you are doing anyway. It literally means to be everywhere. You want to be that brand that people notice when they’re walking down the streets.Even if they don’t know what your brand does, they’ll recognize your name.
Tried My Hand At Editing!!
Some examples would be commissioning a mural on a building and covering the streets with chalk, paint or displays… Make that happen with the help of locals (As they’ll feel they are a part of your stuff and advertise it for you) You could also make-up bumper stickers and t-shirts and give them to employees or as freebies at events.
I Know really bad at This!! : P
They may not be the most unusual, but a creative shirt not only lets people have the chance to be different, it will make others want to jump on board. In short, don’t be invisible. Get your name out there as much as possible.
You can try out this idea at the Equal Streets which is carried out every Sunday on select roads in Mumbai… that’s the best place you can try out this…!!
That’s all my brain could think about, cause having a small brain has its limitations !! 🙁

If you’ll agree or disagree with me, tell me all about it in the comments… It will help me a lot!

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