How to make your phone Stand Out?

Some Accessories to make your phone smarter and cooler!

Nowadays everyone prefers a phone which has also the latest specs such as 4G, Octa-core Processor, better camera, a screen size of 5 inch or above with Full HD display and other things I fill aren’t needed to be mentioned here.

But won’t it be boring if it all looked like an old Nokia phone? To make your phone stand out, I list down some really cool mobile accessories which are actually very useful:

Waaree Solar Power Bank (10000 mAH)

Everyone may be quite familiar with power banks nowadays to back up the battery power of our smartphones.

But, how would it be if you could charge your smartphone on the go using the freely available solar energy? Solar power banks are useful when users are away from an electrical outlet and they are a necessity for camping trips.

Waaree, an Indian company in the Solar mobile power banks category provides one such solution. This particular power bank (Waaree Solar Power Bank) is a small and compact Solar Power Bank with a 10,000 mAh top grade Li-Polymer battery which can be charged by solar as well as USB. The company has said that it can charge a smartphone for 4 times at least.

Elecom Chargers and Cases

I first saw it during the Mobile World Conference 2013, this company was there to bring a little fun to the industry. Elecom showed off two playful accessories for the iPhone 5: a fun, portable battery charger with some surprise app functionality and a case that brings some analog gaming to your digital device.


The coolest yet quite professional looking case I loved was the ZEROSHOCK case. It is made to protect the iPhone from all directions of the shock It features a shock absorbing film, which is four-layered structure to mollify the impact. It also has a shock-absorbing film to protect the LCD screen from scratches and dirt. Films are airless and employ a special adsorption layer making unnoticeable bubbles over time. As it does not use any adhesive or double-sided tape, you can easily Paste another one again without contaminating the body.

Playgame! series cases

Also the Playgame! series features some old-school games on the back such as the game where one has to successfully navigate a small metal ball through a maze and another where one has to flick the balls successfully into the plastic hoops

IK Multimedia iRig

A useful accessory for the guitar players out there (but it’s also useful for other musicians), the iRig lets you plug your instrument into your iPhone and outputs the processed signal to an external source. The sound is processed by applications such as Amplitube which simulate amps and rigs. Newly refined version costs more but it is said to be better at noise reduction and build quality among other aspects (such as an added volume pot)

IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig

The IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig combines an easy-to-use instrument interface adapter with guitar and bass tone software for your favorite Apple mobile device. With AmpliTube iRig, you can plug your guitar into your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and jam anywhere with top-notch guitar and bass tone right in the palm of your hand. Plug iRig into your mobile device; plug in your instrument; add headphones, amp or powered speakers; install the AmpliTube app, and start rocking.

The IK Multimedia iRig is the ideal companion not only to the mobile AmpliTube app, but it also works with any other recording, processing, or tuning app. Plus, you can also use the iRig adapter with line levels signal sources such as synthesizers, keyboards, or mixers.

Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit

Smartphone cameras have come a long way, but as of now, there is no real way to change lenses on all of them. The iPhones have a lot of accessories that form clip on covers, but due to the increasing number of different formats on smartphones, it is hard to create a kit for every new phone that comes out.

Olixar has a solution, forming a 3-in-1 universal kit, that packs in a macro lens, a wide angle on top, and a fish eye lens. Since it clips on top of your camera, it should be able to work on any smart phone.
Olixar 3-in-1 Universal Clip Camera Lens Kit

In the package, you also get a nifty little pouch so you can take the lenses on the go. The clip attaches easily by clipping onto your smartphone or tablet. It’s universal so it will work on any device/model.


Lastly, I’d like to mention a portable speaker by Logitech-led UE(Ultimate Ears). It had created a Boom in the speaker category thanks to its Boom range. But as it was quite over-budget for many, it had launched a low-budget version the Roll series.

UE Roll

UE’s Roll is meant to be taken anywhere and everywhere. The UE Roll is rated IPX7 waterproof, meaning you can take it in the shower, put it by the sink, or carry it out in the rain and not worry about breaking it. There’s a door concealing the USB port and aux input, but even the connectors themselves are waterproof; the door’s really just there to keep out dirt. You can submerge Roll in water, but it can’t float. Lastly, it’s also shockproof; UE designed it to take the occasional drop or unexpected tumble and come away fully functional.

The Roll’s unique, flying saucer-like design makes it fairly easy to keep with you or throw into a bag.The UE Roll is available in several colors

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