ScriK Apple iPhone 6 360° Full Body Protective Case

Well I would call it an “instant makeover kit”, the Slicoo 360° Protective Case by SCRiK is a skin-like case made out of a very thin silicon that is designed to fit around the iPhone 6 without disturbing its original curved and slim form factor. Even though its ultra-thin, SCRiK’s Protective Case offers 360°  scratch protection, features seamless built-in screen protection and designed to give your iPhone a completely new look from every angle. But is it for you?

Do you want to use an iPhone 6 and save it from the unexpected everyday drops in life?  Well recently, I heard about this cool looking protective case by SCRiK. It certainly is a great case for your iPhone, and it provides you overall protection at a pretty reasonable cost.

Considering the images you may find that it’s pretty slim and is also an ultra lightweight product. 

But don’t let the looks deceive you, cause this  is a pretty serious case that provides you with a complete protection by covering each and every part of your iPhone 6.

It also features a Tempered Scratch and Dust resistant screen protector to protect your screen from the keys or knives (Of course you don’t put knives in your pocket, right!?).I think one of the most appealing part of using this would be that it gives your iPhone a completely different style. Hiding the aluminium and those antenna bands creates a uniformed look to the whole iPhone that’s minimalist and very attractive I must say.

It’s essentially a pretty slim case but providing protection for the back, front and sides of the iPhone with the added benefit of an integrated screen protector is appreciable. The only visible parts that will show through the case that will remind you what color iPhone you actually have are the areas where the sensors, earpiece,Touch ID button and all the other functionality buttons are located. All there is a round cutout at the back where the logo is located, which makes it look cooler.

So, in other words, the Slicoo 360° Full Body Protective Case is definitely is one of the best ways of not only protecting your iPhone from all angles but also the easiest and most affordable ways that you can customise it. If you want to try something different, give it a try and you’ll probably won’t regret doing so.

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