FAQs: All about Data Recovery Services

It won’t be wrong to say that we live in a data age, What is a Data Age? From the multinational companies to households,each place needs data to operate. While companies share data between or within them, households may keep all the data of personal importance safe. Imagine if we suddenly lose all this data. What a catastrophe it may cause? Well, you may have to agree it is the result of our dependency on data storage media.

The fear of losing all this data has opened up a market for data recovery services. And honestly these data recovery services may increase in the future with the our constant reliance on data storage media. I know I kind of put data in a bad place right now! But in this post I just want to make you aware that don’t worry if you lose some data, there is always a way to recover it. Data storage isn’t that foolproof in making your data disappear. So don’t you worry, a number of Data Recovery Services are provided in India and also reliable softwares are made available for data backups and recovery.

First let me explain what is data?

Webopedia describes data as distinct pieces of information, usually formatted in a special way. Data is basically facts or statistics collected for analysis. Data can be in the form of text, images, videos or another form. This data is generally stored in Hard Disk Drives, SSDs, Pen drives, CDs,DVDs or similar storage media.

Now that we understood what data is, let me explain what is data recovery?

Data recovery could be defined as the process of restoring data that has been lost when the storage media is inaccessible for the host i.e. Damaged or corrupted.

What is the most fail-safe method Data recovery?

Backups! Backup refers to the archiving of data, so that it could be restored through data recovery process in case of data loss event.

In today’s time, information is very important. Data backups allow the user to quickly recover it in case of data loss.

How can I backup data from my internal storage media?

The most easiest method of backing up data is copying files onto a external hard drive or flash drive regularly. You could also upload it over a cloud software like Google Drive.

Make sure that all the important data is backed up, this may include scanned ID documents, financial records, client details and so on.
Never store your passwords or credit card details on the device you use.

What if I didn’t backup my data could I recover it?

Yes, there is a chance you could recover it, but it may harder to do so by a individual. But there are some companies who concentrate only on this niche, they are Data Recovery companies that offer a more professional service and have an expertise in Hard Disk Recovery, Memory Card Recovery, SD Card Recovery, SSD Recovery, RAID Recovery etc.

Well, that sounds cool, but how do I chose a data recovery company?

Yes, its hard to chose a data recovery company by just browsing through its website. But the website could be quite helpful if consider it. The website may have a helpline number through which you could get answers to your queries regarding the recovery services the company offers. One thing to consider while choosing a data recovery company is to check how many years have they been in this business and also check their track record of success in recovering data in each conditions. Also consider if the company has a clean- room facility.

What is a Clean-room?

Clean room used in data recovery companies is basically a environment primarily made for repairing your storage media of any internal damages. These clean-rooms are typically of very low air contamination i.e. there is a very low level of dust that could damage your storage media.

I know it is tempting to consider a company based on cheapest price or the location closest to you. However, You need to remember that your data is very important and often companies proposing very low prices may just steal all these data or will further damage your chances of recovering this data.

Could data recovery cause a hole in my pocket?

Yes, they are at times very expensive, but considering the amount of work the company has to do to recover your data, the price is not much. If the storage media is physically damaged the company has to find and replace the damaged parts. Also some companies only accept 100% payments after they recover all the data you requested.

Finally, data can be recovered from what type of storage media?

Data recovery companies like Stellar Data Recovery have an expertise in a number of data recovery services like Hard Disk Data Recovery, SSD Data Recovery, SD Card Data Recovery, RAID and NAS Recovery, Email Recovery, and many more.

So, the next time you lose your data, don’t freak out and remember what Tim Berners-Lee said,

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”

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