Going to Goa? Here’s a To-Do List you must consider!

So many of you must have been to Goa or at least heard about it… What are the first things that come to your mind when you plan about going to Goa?“Party! Get Drenched in Booze and walk red-eyed on the beach!” That’s Goa to you, right? What if there’s something for everyone in Goa? Here’s some stuff everyone could do on their next visit to the paradise of pristine blue with golden sand with perhaps a bottle of Goa’s favorite chilled beer King’s.


Girls could do it anywhere… But in Goa, it’s fun for the whole family… There are some items that are best purchased in Goa that include jholas, harem pants, all kinds and varieties of swimwear, and colorful of accessories, especially the beads. There are numerous sellers that line the streets, beaches of Goa and many places to see in Goa, so everyone’s got something to buy without a problem.


The best way to see any place is to hire a Vespa and to ride all day on its beautiful roads. So, hire a bike as soon as you reach Goa and explore this sunny state on a two-wheeler. And maybe have your Ek Villain moment with the Aisha of your life… Or Maybe Guru… But just enjoy the moment…


The spice plantations are one of the most offbeat places to visit in Goa. You could just stroll through the aromatic fresh plantations and learn about various spices at Savoi plantations or Sahakar Spice Farm. Apart from enjoying the beauty of these plantations and walking through the plantation you also stand a chance to play with the majestic tuskers. Give them a bath or maybe ride along with them while they splash you with water. Your kids may enjoy it…


Scuba in India? You are kidding, right? I agree scuba diving is one the most under-rated water sports in India. But Goa is perfect for the diving beginners, mainly for its easy access. Take a day out of your vacation and explore the underworld of Goa.


What’s the Harm? You could get a temporary, henna or permanent tattoo that you’ve always wanted…


For some ‘museum’ may just be a monotonous word, But Goa has given it a new meaning. A flock of Hindu artifacts in a Portuguese-cum-colonial setup with stories of two worlds makes these museums quite unique than our usual perception. For example, The Archaeological Museum of Old Goa has some Hindu relics and bronze statues of some famous Portuguese men set amidst the robust Portuguese architecture. There are much more museums to consider while visiting Old Goa like The Naval Aviation Museum and Institute Menezes Braganza.

# EAT!

One of my favorite parts of a holiday! Given the high number of tourists that flock to Goa every year, the food here has diversified. While the seafood options are to die for. The vegetarians don’t need to worry as numerous shacks have cropped up making them the perfect place to hang-out and have a good meal.

These along with an amazing time at the beach may make your next trip to the beach city unforgettable. Remember,

“Goa is not the place you visit once and cross off from your list. After the first visit it becomes an urge and after the second, a tradition!”

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