Mumbai? How does it feel through the eyes of a Mumbaikar?

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It’s said Bombay is not a city it’s a feeling…. But our good friends at Shiv Sena just wanted it changed to Mumbai… Well, that’s just another story, ‘Mumbai’ hasn’t changed… People are the same, food is the same… and Mumbai is still a feeling that’s loved to be felt…

So, you’re here to see Mumbai through my eyes, right? If you’re a Mumbaikar (As we call ourselves!) you may pretty much relate with every small stuff I need to tell about the city. And if you’ve never been to Mumbai… I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to experience the thrills it has to offer just by following along.

Mumbai to a majority of you is the capital of the State of Maharashtra or just the financial capital of India, Mumbai boasts of a population of over 20 million with people from different parts of the world calling it their home, just like me…

Well, you may see me mention “me” a lot… cause I’m honestly a self-obsessed person.

Let’s see some facts about Mumbai:

  • Mumbai gets its name from Goddess Mumbadevi, the patron goddess of Mumbai.
  • Mumbai is the most populous city in India with an estimated population of 18.4 million.
  • Mumbai was once a group of 7 islands
  • Did you know that Mumbai was given as a dowry to England by the Portuguese!

Well to just live the moment and let the world know about the “true” Bombay, here’s a list of 7 things only Mumbaikars will relate to:

# Vada Pav

Source: The Secret Ingredient

Well, honestly we Bombay Walas know the Vada Pav vendors better than our neighbors. The most important thing in every Mumbaikars life is the vada pav with garam cutting chai, cause like honestly, what’s better than this spicy snack and some hot tea!

# Trains are our Lifeline

And also sometimes our home… The Local Trains of Mumbai is the heart of the city. Always Crowded! Every Mumbaikar is sure to have traveled by train at least once.  And if you’re planning on using on, BEWARE of Dadar and Kurla station!

# Bandstand is Mumbai’s Lover’s Point

You may have visited this lover’s point at some point in your life, especially during low tide when the rocks provide you and your partner the alone time you really need. Also, it’s very close to the bungalow of the King of Hearts, Shah Rukh Khan; but who goes there to see King Khan, your partner’s much more important, right?

# I’m not a Maharashtrian, But I do Know Marathi

Overall, Mumbai is like a chaotic salad counter. Every vegetable is available but they together make Mumbai what it currently is. It does not matter whether you hail from Gujarat or Kerala, if you have lived in Mumbai your whole life, then you know Marathi quite well.

# Eating in Mumbai past midnight is normal

Photograph: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ever felt your stomach grumble at 1:00 am, head out and you’ll find the majority of Mumbai still eating pot like its 8:00pm. Mumbaikars enjoy going for a walk past midnight at Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face or Bandstand like it’s the most normal thing to do during godforsaken hours.

# Traffics And Potholes

Mumbaikars probably spend more hours on their way to work than they spend their time at home. Mumbai’s traffic woes are famous all over the world, but we, Mumbaikars at times just love the traffic. It personally just gives us our “me” time SO if you’re ever stuck in Mumbai’s traffic, just tune into my favorite radio channel and listen to some of your favorite Bollywood songs!

But what Mumbai really hates is the number of potholes on its roads. No matter what road you take to reach your destination faster, the “10,000” potholes on the roads will make sure that you will take the same amount of time every day. So everyone in Mumbai has a game plan to reach their destination. Its goes like, “If I have to reach the destination at 8:00pm, the number of potholes on the road is 20,000, so 20,000 divided by the number of planets in the universe multiplied by the number of strands of hair on Anupam Kher’s head will be 3! So I’ll have to leave by 5:00pm” (#NoHate) 😜

# We Long the Monsoons, But the Monsoons also last to Long

25 July 2005, Mumbai faced its worst rains. Mumbaikars have been through the different phases of rain showers and it continues to wait for the rains and curse the rains at the same time. We will continue to curse the monsoons and the BMC to end our anguish, but there’s always a small spot in our hearts or should I say stomach that craves the garam bhajiyas and chai while it’s raining!

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