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27coupons.com : Your One Stop for all Deals!

I had recently been contacted by 27coupons to write about their amazing website. What I’m gonna do out here is that I will concentrate on main Online Stores which are used by all of us.

Me being a Tech Enthusiast, have to constantly order the latest tech gadgets to use and review about. Aren’t we bored going to the Retail Stores in this hot summer? Yes, I am! So which is one site I use the most to order the gadgets? I’d say it has to be Amazon.in.

Haven’t all the stuff offline also become costlier? Damn, I get a heart attack when I look at the prices everywhere. A smartphone is for approximately Rs. 60,000! (You Know which smartphone I mean, right?)

Being a college student, I get time to shop only in the weekends and it would be hard for me to juggle other stuff at same time, such as Study or pursue a hobby! Leave shopping! What’s an advantage of Online Shopping? First It saves time and energy.Second you get good bargain. Also the delivery is quick. And the items received are also Genuine. Unlike the fact we can receive a duplicate model of the iPhone on some websites, Amazon is a trusted website and is known for offering genuine and trusted brands.

Being an Indian, I am selfish! Yes, I have a tendency of buying products at the lowest price possible. Even when we go to a restaurant we always ask for discount, don’t we? So why not get a discount while we are shopping online?

So here we have the place to cater all our discount deals, its 27coupons.com  A place to find the deals for all your selfish needs! It’s an ideal site where you get deals of not just AMAZON but also of some other well known sites like JABONG, INFIBEAM, PAYTM, FREECHARGE and also of OLACABS. Its gonna be your one stop for all the latest deals and discounts in the town!

What’s cool is that It pays you when you use coupons- You earn 250 points by Registering, then earn reward points by sharing coupons. All new accounts gets 250 bonus points these points can be redeemed anytime after earning 1000 points.

When I checked out the website for Amazon Deals, I got a list of all the active Amazon Deals and Coupons according to their dates, with the newest offer on the top and further offers below!

On the left side it shows you the Success Percentage% of the coupons, to get an idea of how many users have successfully used it! On the right side is a Yellow Tick which shows the Editor’s Picks! And below every deal is an option to save the coupons for future use!

One can see all their saved coupons, offers, deals and redeem them when they log into their account. On the bottom there are date that state when the coupon is added and its expiry date.Also it features an option to share these coupons with your Friends, Family on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus to spread your amazing experience.

What I found interesting is that I got my select brands and deals both at the same time.I found it very useful For my next time shopping I’m gonna check 27coupons.com. You will surely end up saving money and time everytime!

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