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#3: Being Single on Valentine’s Day!

Burning your ex’s stuff (à la the classic Friends episode) and having loads of ice cream are the yearly Valentine’s Day prescriptions for singles (who have broken up!).

But what about the singletons who just don’t care, you know those of you actually don’t MIND being single on Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t the celebration have something for us as well? Yes, Of Course me!

I’ve tried listing 9 ideas that treat Valentine’s Day not as a day to celebrate romance, but as a day to glorify love in general love for oneself, one’s friends, one’s family and for everyone in the world. So go forth and enjoy, no matter what your relationship status is.

1. Use V-Day As An Excuse To Connect

Challenge yourself to take a few hours off your work this Valentine’s Day and reach out to your family and friends with personalized messages of love and care. Or just go to them and give them a tight Hug!

Remove your best crayons and pens, and “Send Valentines or personal notes to everyone who means a lot to you.

Who needs one valentine when you can have more, right?

 2. “Netflix and Chill”

I warn you to stay away from the television channels, as all they’ll feature is DDLJ like movies. If you’re okay with it carry on,,, or just watch some action films you may have downloaded the day before. Or sign up to an Online streaming Service have Popcorn and watch the shows they feature! Examples include the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Beaches, Friends With Money, Thelma and Louise, Waiting to Exhale, Mystic Pizza, Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, Boys on the Side, How to Make an American Quilt, and the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

“Netflix and chill” is a euphemism for an evening of staying indoors and enjoying with yourself.

3. Host an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party!

Go with a “Love Hurts” theme or go theme-less and use all black decorations. Call all your single friends, No flowers, no cards, no candy… just good food, good friends, good drinks and of course, good music!

4. Go where you’re guaranteed, unconditional love

You know who loves you all the time, no matter what? No, not your mother — your dog. If you’re feeling sad and lonely, go down to a local animal shelter and volunteer to help them with the canines or felines, if that’s more your into such things.

It’s impossible to feel unlovable when big brown puppy eyes are gazing at you in adoration or when a soft little kitty is curled up purring in your lap.


Trying doing something you haven’t done before! Sky diving? Bungee jumping? Deep sea diving? Go do it this Valentine’s – there’s no time like the present to have an adventure! GO ON and ROCK IT!

6. Fall in love with something/someone new

No, not with a new partner – well, unless you meet someone! Remember how I suggested trying something you’d never done before? It’s also a great time to pick out a new hobby or passion. Pursue a hobby! Try taking up yoga? Want to learn how to dance? Learn it! Wish you could cook better? Go on do something new which you haven’t done before because of your schedule.

7. Starbucks caters to your Valentine’s Day sweet tooth (Source)

Made my mouth water!

Alone or with a partner for, Starbucks has you covered — in chocolate — with three new limited drinks through February 14 — the Molten Chocolate Latte, the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, and the Molten Hot Chocolate.

The latte features melted chocolate chips with espresso, steamed milk, and bittersweet mocha sauce topped with a mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and espresso mocha drizzle.

The Frap consists of coffee with mocha sauce and chocolate chips blended with milk and ice. It can also be topped with espresso-infused whipped cream and espresso mocha drizzle.

Finally, the hot chocolate is described as a bittersweet mocha sauce and chocolate chips that are melted into steamed milk. It also features mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and espresso mocha drizzle.

8. Put yourself out there

If you’ve been thinking about trying out Tinder dating, This Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to finally take the time to try it out. Remember to create a really thoughtful in-depth profile and go through your pics to find the ones that show you at your best.

Who knows? Maybe this time next year you’ll be celebrating with the person you met online tonight. And don’t forget me I advised you! 😜

9. Be your own Valentine

Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big deal, you know. Yeah, you might feel a little … aggrieved, seeing all those couples clinging to each other like a magnet, but come on. You’re young, free, and gorgeous! Whether you’re flying solo for the day, you can still have a blast. C’mon, singles, claim your Valentine’s Day!

Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet, or dig your mouths on that high-end artisanal chocolate you’ve been dying to try. Treat yourself to a spa day!

If you don’t want to waste money (because you understand money doesn’t buy your love), take a soothing hot bath and sprinkle it with fragrant rose petals. Then light some candles and bring yourself a glass of red wine

Being single on February 14 can be an amazing, exciting opportunity to do something just for you. Do you have other great tips for spending a Valentine’s Day as a single? Post them here – I’d love to hear them!

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