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3 Resolutions I Break Every Year! #FlashbackRefreshed

You remember that first day of the new year where you start off strong, with a long list of resolutions planned, ready to conquer. And maybe you do follow them for a week, or maybe two.

But then comes that hurricane of seemingly insignificant annoyance and procrastination that suddenly rips off your resolution list.

Well, that’s why I had written down my not to do list for this year at the start of the year. The reason why I had made a “not-to-do” list at the start of the year was because I just may just break it if I had taken one.

So here’s 3 Resolutions I Make and Break Every Year:

Lose Weight and Get fit.

Before I start explaining, in my defense I’d like to say that I did go to the gym. Well, maybe not to workout but to find out more about the gym! But then, come the accidental New Year food discounts and I just strike off the resolution from my list.

Start brushing my teeth at night!

Okay, so this resolution may sound like one a 10-year-old may take! But believe me, I did try to brush my teeth at night on the first day of the year. But you know I do have that midnight food craving and my irregular sleep timings made it worst!

And Finally,

Be More Assertive

So for those who don’t know, “Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others.
So here’s the reason why I couldn’t be more assertive. Well, becoming more assertive is far too unrestrictive as a resolution. It isn’t something that’s specific or measurable, thus, it’s easy to break.

While the new year is a great time to reflect on the areas where you would like to improve, there’s absolutely no reason for you to place so much pressure to make progress on a single date.

So next year, let’s just believe that… people make resolutions because of how they THINK they will feel when they make those changes in their life. You know what, that feeling is what happiness is.

And Guess what?

Happiness is always available to you (even though you break resolutions!).

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