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3 Things You Should Never Pack In Your Travel Bag

3 Things You Should Never Pack In Your Travel Bag
While gathering your stuff before going to trip, you have to remember that your main task is to travel comfortably, experiencing no problems while trying to move your whole baggage. And, although, such problem is more typical for women, men also can suffer from an inability to choose the right things to pack, what leads to huge problems. Such troubles may concern not only excessive cloth and shoes but also some small stuff like styling tools, toilets, and shaving accessories. Our professionals at midtown barbershop offer you top three things you should never ever pack, going on a trip.

Whole beauty routine

There is no need to take a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner, being afraid that your locks will turn to a total mess without proper treatment. There will be nothing wrong if you use a simple soap to clean your face, body, and head. Moreover, there are special individual kits you can use every time you step in the shower. If there is no such in your hotel, you can buy special small bottles at the nearest drugstore and carry a few required remedies.

Shaving accessories

If you have thick, long beard or wear stylized bristle, it is obvious you will need special tools to keep it neat and tidy, but you should try to minimize the amount of such. In all other cases – simple razor is a maximum that you need. Trust us, traveling is not the best time for radical hair changes and style experiments.

Styling tools

Here is one more absolutely useless item, which can take pretty much place in your bag. Having a cool, handsome hairstyle is a wonderful thing, but everyday styling with a blow dryer, flat iron, and lots of wax – is not. Leave all those high – tech devices at home and go natural for at least several days…or weeks, it all depends on the place you are going to, and time you will spend there. In any case, versatile styling tools and products are superfluous.
Pack your bag, using our useful tips and enjoy the coveted journey, experiencing new emotions.
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