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#4 Make/Have an Unique Pizza

I’ve always thought the Indian pizza market is missing out on pizzas with different flavors to compliment my taste.

Haven’t you heard the phrase:

Pizza: Even when it’s bad, it’s awesome. 

Interestingly, the same thing applies when you sub out “bad” for “totally goddamn strange and I’m kinda scared now but I’ll eat it”.

Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the World. More than half of all pizzas made are served up with this topping. But at some places, pizza doesn’t even look like pizza anymore.

See all the toppings that I’d love putting on my pizza. Dominos do you hear me?

Green Peas

Yes those green looking seed-pods. I love eating them and they are kinda weirdly tasty. And having it on my pizza with some sauces and mint and ricotta is something I’d love eating.


This is exactly what I want…

Spinach-Artichoke Pizza, Sounds Interesting! Well, the recipes simple, take some creamy French bread, top it up with fresh spinach, cream cheese, and artichoke and it is a weeknight dinner dream.

Has anyone heard about the Tex-Mex Pizza?

Well, it’s something I’d love… its nothing more than a Tex-Mex*-inspired pizza, topped with zesty pepper Jack, salsa, beans, and avocado.

Looks Delicious!

*Tex-Mex is a term describing a fusion of American cuisine and Mexican cuisine, deriving from the culinary creations of Tejanos.


This is what I call a pizza!

Yes, you read it right… LEMON! Lemon could add a contrasting sharpness that’s absolutely divine to your pizza along with an intense flavor of  Smoked mozzarella.

As ’90s teen Daria once said, “There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza.” We couldn’t agree more. I’ve never met a pizza that I didn’t like (although some pizzas do taste bad.. #Respect for Pizza!). The best thing about pizza, aside from automatically putting us in a better mood, is that there are endless ways to enjoy it.

If you’re looking to try a new slice of pie, share the recipe with me and we could try it out together. But make sure its veg cause I don’t eat the other kind.

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