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4 Ways You Can Use A Bottle Of Water While Traveling

A bottle of water is a must-have when you decide to travel or go for a hike. Here are 4 ways you can utilize one!

1. Drink It

I know, shocker. I’m pretty sure this is news to everyone. Who would have guessed you could actually use it for drinking? On a more serious note, though, make sure to have at least 3-4 bottles at hand at all times to prevent dehydration. Double that number if you are tracking through a hot and humid area.

2. Chase Away The Heat

Traveling on foot? Pack a spare bottle or two of fresh water. Splash it on your face and your midtown haircut as well as rub it on your neck and arms. It will freshen you up, boost your energy, and cool you off. It will also heighten your chances of not getting a heat stroke. No one wants that, it’s not fun.

3. Save Your Hair

Think about going for a swim? Rinse your locks with clean, fresh water before entering whatever the body of liquid you decide to imitate a mermaid in. It will prevent all of the nasty stuff from clinging to your mane and possibly turning it a nice, pleasant hue of green.

4. Use It As A Weapon

A full bottle of water is a great weapon, so why not use it on something as such? For example, it is amazing when you need to smack your husband for not listening to you when you told him you have probably gotten lost approximately two hours ago. I’m kidding. Don’t hit your husband. Not with a bottle of water, you might need it later.

Well, these were 4 ways you could use a bottle of water when traveling. At least three of them are useful, I swear.

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