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#6 Pursuing my Passion of Blogging! Journey Till Now!

Well I’ve been writing some form of blog since I was 15, blogging wasn’t always part of my life – well over the years it has become my thing, it’s what I do – and over the years it has become my greatest passion.

Blogging becomes a global phenomenon that people write on their blog and share it on various social networking and bookmarking sites. But at times I often see that some cool bloggers fail to take their blog to the next level that is to make it successful. Thus at times I think about a driving force that is necessary to push any blogger to the next level. This driving force is what I would call “Passion“.

You may ask, Why do I need to blog with passion?

I’d like to explain it in short.

Because it is easy: You can write about something you love and feel great about it. Most really successful bloggers write about topics that they are passionate about: No amount of seo or keyword research can create the Techcrunch or another ShoutMeLoud. The guys out there are passionate about their work and continue to be so.. If you want your blog to be in the top 100 then a blog about something you have no clue about is is not for you.

You’ll Make Money Online Blogging: If this is what you want to blog for, I won’t be 100% right to say that you will obviously make money online if you start blogging about your passion. If there is hardly anyone interested in your passion, then it’s impossible for you to make money blogging no matter how smart or hardworking you are. Well if that’s the case you could try to convert to an online business!

I didn’t always want to become an Influencer (Just a cooler word for blogger!), it was something my teacher at school taught me. What how can anyone teach you blogging? Well not blogging, but they taught me how to create a blog and also how to put your point to the world!

I didn’t have any idea of what I was doing when I started, and the daily visitor I got was too low which at times disappointed me, honestly, when I started blogging, there were just 5 visitors per day- 2-3 of my friends and my parents!

I wasn’t aware of any basics of blogging such as SEO, blogging platforms and not even writing. I learned it through my mistakes and I tried to become better with time. Since I started my blogging career with The Gud1 blog network, every day I learn a new thing and which helps me get a more positive and professional attitude towards blogging.

Another thing I’d like to tell, there is a number of stuff you may read online on how to earn money through blogging, and how to increase your audience. On that, I would say DON’T FOLLOW THEM!

The most important thing for a successful blog is “ORIGINALITY“.

The websites may tell us a list of things to follow while blogging but I’d like to tell each and every blogger, don’t pay much attention to them. Think of a New and Unique way to write, to share and to promote your blog. Think of the Blog as your first business and advertise it in the quirkiest way possible!


In blogging you get to build the rules as you go because this is such a cool industry

One thing people always advised me when I started blogging is write millions of posts and me being a rebel, started writing just one post each day, which I still try to continue! Don’t overwork your mind, have your own rules, your own ways!

So how has Blogging become my Passion?

You may have heard,

Wise Souls Speak Loudly in Silence!

Haha, No I’m not a wise kind of guy, I make the most mistakes. Though I still am a silent kind of guy, thats what people say! It’s just that I spend most of my energy on thinking rather than speaking… 😛

I know I didn’t give you what you came for… But to know it you’ll need to be around here for some time!

Let’s end it here!

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