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Best Everything: Best Smart Speakers 2017

Smart speakers, the booming new category in home tech is led by Amazon and Google. In simple terms, a smart speaker is an audio speaker that you can talk to and interact with similarly as you've been your smartphone. They’re internet connected virtual assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, Apple's

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Summer Travel 2017: Amritsar – A Divine Experience

19th May 2017: It was a Friday the start of a really long yet life-changing journey for me starting Amritsar. Started off from home at around 10:30 am. Had booked an Uber for the airport. Well, it was like 20 mins away from my home. But the excitement of starting

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Best Everything: Best Smartphones 2016

So you're looking for the best Android smartphone or maybe an iPhone upgrade or you're that unique breed of Windows 10 mobile lovers. Worry not, here's the best smartphones 2016 could offer. Best Overall Smartphone Samsung S7 Edge Well, the Note 7 would have been my pick for the best smartphone of 2016, but

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Best Everything: Best Free Android Apps 2016

All free apps aren't bad! Here are some of the best free apps available in the Google Play Store this year. I feel every app on this list is worth trying. Android Pay Android Pay, with its availability on most NFC-enabled Android phones, could soon become more popular with its introduction in

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Best Everything: Best of Laptops 2016

2016 has been a great year for laptop makers, with the debut of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update alongside new graphics cards by AMD and Nvidia and Intel's new Kaby Lake processors, the best laptops on the market continue to succeed. From thin, light and stylish budget notebooks to thick, robust

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