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A Man’s Guide About Travelling With Style

A Man’s Guide About Travelling With Style
Are you going to a vacation, but still don’t know where you should start? Check out this top collection of the best pieces of advice from the specialists at barber shop Midtown West, NYC.

#1 Dress comfortable!

There is no need to take a black suit if you’re not going to interview during the vacation. Take a simple jeans, shorts, sweats, sweatshirts, a couple of T-shirts, a raincoat, and many socks! Notice: you should change your socks every day to prevent bad smell and sweating.

#2  Clothes with pockets

They are our everything, really a very amazing invention. The more pockets you have, the more interesting things you can take with the camera, cell phone, brush, wipes, money, glasses and etc.

#3 Slip on foot wear

You should totally keep attention on your feet, dude. Buy a very comfortable jogging shoes, instead of gummy keds, which make your feet sweating all the time. They should ‘breathe’. Don’t forget about peeps; this footwear is totally comfortable during the hot weather and rain. Please, don’t try to save money on buying cheap shoes, you should care for your feet.

#4 Wipe-wets

Just put a small package of wipe-wets, don’t ask for what – just do it, you’ll thank us later.

#5 Put sunglasses, hat, and water

These things we always forget to put in our backpack. Make sure that you take them, cause in the airport you will spend about $10-15 more on overpriced water, hat, and sunglasses. Yeah,  some people can make money.

#6 Books, music and podcasts

Before travelling, make sure that you downloaded and bought music and books you are interested in. Without these things, you can tweak out during the 14 hours flying through the Pacific Ocean.

#7 Prepare your face

Prepare your face before you start your journey as while travelling you won’t have much time for prinking. Cut your facial hair, keep attention on your eyebrows, nose and ear hair, make sure you trim them well, cause girls really like it. Moreover, don’t shave during your vacation to prevent skin irritation and red face.
Take care of yourself and have a nice trip
Jessica Carter
Graduated from UAL (University of Art London) with a specialization in Fashion Journalism. Living in NYC and practicing skills received there. Tries writing about fashion trends for different magazines and websites. Also, interested in traveling, and my dream is to travel around the whole globe. Already been to Norway, France, German, Poland, and Morocco. Visiting India soon. Planning to write a book about her adventures in different countries.