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Battle of the Midrangers: Xiaomi Mi4 and Micromax Canvas Knight 2!

+Gundu Yapral one of my readers requested me to compare the mid-rangers Xiaomi Mi4 and the newly launched Micromax Canvas Knight 2As I couldn’t write the review about the Xiaomi Mi4. I found this as an amazing opportunity to provide you’ll with my views on both the Smartphones!

Micromax has officially forayed into Xiaomi’s midrange territory with the launch of the Canvas Knight 2 smartphone. This is a 4G LTE capable handset of course and there are multiple rivals in the industry that could prove to be tough competitors for the Canvas Knight 2.

I may take a look at one such competitor, Xiaomi to better assess the true potential of the newly launched mid-ranger by Micromax.

I personally hate using the MiUi, but to be honest it does fare well while taking into consideration the customizability it provides.

As you can see from the list above, the new launch fares well in terms of hardware but fails to deliver in the software department. The Canvas Knight 2 will obviously receive price cuts over the coming months, but as it stands, it’s not quite up there to threaten the Xiaomi Mi4.

Which one’s better is completely dependent on how you use it and what is your need for a mid-range phone! Tell me which one’s better in the comments below.

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