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Best Everything: Best Android Apps 2015

Android’s Google Play Store has a vast variety of apps. There are so many different categories, including Photo & Video, Productivity, Social Networking, News, and more. It makes it challenging to figure out which apps you should download. Don’t worry, because I’m here to help. Here’s my list of the top Android apps you should download before the year ends.

360 Security

Android is a vulnerable platform for all the viruses and malwares and arguments about the safety of the system crop up frequently. If you are looking for an antivirus app, my current favorite is 360 Security.

360 Security keeps you safe from malware threats with its virus detection software, which can search through your microSD card, and internal storage space. What’s more, it provides you Safe Browsing and blocks all the unwanted websites from popping up and destroying your Android experience.

As far as free mobile security is concerned, 360 Group’s app is about as comprehensive as it gets.

Check out a full review here.

Download from here:

Chrome Beta

As a Google product, Chrome is the perfect browser for Android and, since it comes pre-installed on most phones, it’s something that most people are familiar with. Chrome Beta is my current best Android browser app because it’s just kind of a better version of the browser we all already love.

Chrome beta is Chrome of the future, it’s what the standard Chrome app will become once Google applies the latest changes, fixes and improvements it is working on. Chrome beta users get to experience these things before the masses.

The price paid for quicker access to new features is that, of course, sometimes there are bugs or issues that need to be ironed out. None of these causes any damage to the phone or its software. However at times this browser crashes and pauses unexpectedly.

Download from here:


Of Course, I could just recommend you the Google Maps, but considering that it’s pre-installed on virtually all Google Play-enabled Android devices, it feels insincere recommending an app that you already have. So I recommend the HERE Maps app.

This app’s claim to fame is the ability to download and use maps offline while still providing totally offline turn-by-turn navigation. Much like Google Maps, it lets you check out restaurants and various places in your area although it’s not quite as in-depth as Google Maps. It’s totally free and anyone who needs offline navigation should try this.

Download from here:

PicsArt Photo Studio

This is a power tool when it comes to photo-editing. With loads of creative control, attractive filters, excellent image-editing tools and fun options, including stickers and artistic text, PicsArt has possibly everything you need to edit your photos and then share it with your friends on Social Networks!

While so many options and controls might be initially confusing for neophytes, the interface is responsive and organized logically.

What sets PicsArt’s photo editing apart from the other photo-editing apps is the cleaner and more intelligent interface that’s easier to master.

Download from here:

VLC for Android

I agree your default video player can do all the job for you, but if you’re the guy who loves playing niche formats or enjoys tinkering with the video settings to get the perfect picture, then you’ll need to try out something else.

VLC for Android supports a huge number of video formats and has a slew of adjustable settings to create the viewing experience you desire. You can also use hardware acceleration to take full advantage of your smartphone’s processor. The gestures are simple and intuitive, and the audio player is also highly capable. Check it out dude.

Download from here:

Well, this ends my list of the best Android apps, but if you’re still hungry for more such articles, check out one the links below:

What are your favorite Android apps? Let me know which you think the best are in the comments below…

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