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Best Everything: Best Free Android Apps 2016

All free apps aren’t bad! Here are some of the best free apps available in the Google Play Store this year. I feel every app on this list is worth trying.

Android Pay

Android Pay, with its availability on most NFC-enabled Android phones, could soon become more popular with its introduction in more markets.

Currently available across the US and the UK, it’s also simple to use. Just install the app, add details of cards and start spending at any location has contactless terminals, by tapping your phone against the card reader.

Best File Manager

Solid Explorer

Availability: Free
Like you’d expect from a file manager, Solid Explorer is easy to use offers quick access to frequently used files like photos, music, videos, and even apps. It also allows custom bookmarks to be set for specific locations. So, if you keep accessing the same locations repeatedly, this is a blessing.
There are two versions of Solid Explorer available in the Play Store: one is the Solid Explorer File Manager and another is the Solid Explorer File Manager Classic. The Classic version is just left around for its early users, as they preferred this design over the newer version. I personally prefer the newer application, but it’s just based on your preference.
Solid Explorer File Manager: Download via Google Play Store
Solid Explorer Classic: Download via Google Play Store

Best Music Player

Pi Music Player

Availability: Free
With a stylish, simple Material Design look, topped up with three different themes, and easy navigation the Pi Music Player is anything but a simple player, as it includes a 5-band equaliser, a sleep timer, gesture controls, widgets and a tool to help you cut down tracks into ringtones. Along with all the basics, such as lock screen controls, playlists and album artwork. And guess what it’s completely free, with no adverts.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Availability: Free
Bitdefender Antivirus Free is one of the lightest, the most inconspicuous option on this list. It only has two features which are scanning and cleaning your device and it also offers real-time antivirus protection.
The real-time protection keeps an eye on what the installed apps are doing. This is a by-product of the Bitdefender’s antivirus suite, but I that this option requires zero configuration and also lightweight, which could be its advantage.
Download via Google Play Store

Best Photo Scanning App


Availability: Free
I think it’s probably that time of the year where you need to clear up your attic and go through that heap of old photos albums that you know won’t last forever. Well, you could make those photos last forever by digitising it maybe. Google’s PhotoScan app lets you turn your photos into high-quality digital images in just a couple of minutes.
If you’re thinking, this isn’t your regular photo scanning app. PhotoScan has you capture a snapshot of the whole photo, then it places four points near each corner of the image, which you need to hover over each of the corners, and then it captures image data. The app then slices up the image into segments and puts them back together as a digital image, barring the glare and distortion. Well, you guessed it right, it then automatically backs up the photos to Google Photos.

Best Browser


Availability: Free
Apus is everything its described as, a lightweight and powerful browser that’s just right for daily browsing. Apus Web browser is aimed to provide the smooth and fluid browsing experience even on slower internet speeds.
At 2MB it not only provides a great browsing experience but also includes add-ons such as AdBlock, Flash Player, Speed Mode, Full Screen Mode, Incognito Mode, No Image Mode and also the ability to save the web page offline for viewing it later.

Best Google Maps-Alternative

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

Availability: Free
Google Maps is probably the best GPS navigation you could get on the Google Play Store. But you may be a rebel, and wouldn’t mind trying out some alternatives. So here’s a Google-Maps alternative I would recommend. The MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps is the classic turn-by-turn navigation app that installs and downloads the map files to your SD card so you can use it offline if you need to.
It uses map data from OffStreetMap which supports several countries around the world with the list being updated every day. It’s may not be as polished as Google Maps but it is effective and enjoyable to use.
Download via Google Play Store

Best Photo Filter App


Availability: Free
Prisma is an app you probably may have used by now. But it’s surely good at what it does. Prisma is basically a photo filter app, which with each of its filters completely reinvents your photo into one of dozen of art styles it features.
It essentially changes your boring photos into interesting ones and eye-catching ones into masterpieces.

Best Video Player

MX Player

Availability: Free
MX Player is one of the top choices when it comes to Video Player on Android. Well, surely will be all thanks to its wide range of features such as multi-core decoding, CPU optimisations, child lock, and ability to play almost any type of video with subtitles. The player also allows you to control the playback with simple gestures, like swiping up/down for volume adjustments or swiping left/right for rewind/forward.

Best Photo-Editing App

Photoshop Mix

Availability: Free
So Adobe announced an update to its Photoshop Mix app earlier at the Adobe Max 2016 keynote, and it isn’t bad when you consider it for photo-editing. Adobe’s Photoshop Mix doesn’t quite provide you with the full Photoshop experience, but it is a smooth photo editing app designed for fast and intuitive use on a smartphone. You can quickly use it to crop and merge images, adjust the colours, add filters and do more fine-tuned editing of a specific segment of a picture.
Download via Google Play Store

Best Wallpaper App


Wally features a collection of full HD, QHD and 4K wallpapers available for easy downloads. You can search by tags, resolution quality, aspect ratio, and category. The wallpaper app is open source and totally free to use. The collections are updated every day and are CC0 photos available for free use.

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