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Best Everything: Best Mobile Accessories(Part 1) 2015

While the modern-day smartphones are in themselves all-inclusive, one often feels the need to have some additional accessories to either add to the existing features or to complement them. Here are some of the accessories that we think you should have to bring out the best in your smartphone

What use are your smartphones if you don’t have any of the below!

This is gonna be a two part article as there were many mobile accessories to cover! So start right away!

Power banks

It doesn’t matter which smartphone you are using, all the smartphones tend to lose battery at the time we need to use it the most!

Power Banks are the life savers in the situations when our phones run out of battery and there is no socket around to charge them.

Power banks are a must-have smartphone accessory today, These rechargeable handy backups come handy and come at very cheap prices!

Some Good Power Banks:

Asus ZenPower (10050 mAh): Amazon.com: $ 19 || Amazon.in: ₹ 1,555/- || Flipkart: ₹ 1,599/-

Boat BPR100 (10000 mAh): Amazon.in: ₹ 999/- || Flipkart: ₹ 1,799/-

OnePlus Power Bank (10000 mAh): $ 14.99/-

Headphone splitters

Music is my favorite pass time, but I always have to share my earphones with my brother and that irritates me. And am sure everyone will agree that to share the same headphones while listening to music is archaic.

This is where the headphone splitters enter. They let you and your brother/friend listen to music at the same time on your respective personal headphones. Comfort, ease, hygiene guaranteed. This little accessory is available both on online sites and in retail shops. It comes in various designs and at different price points. Go for the one that you think would meet your needs.


Flipkart: Starting From ₹ 125/- || Amazon.in: Starting From ₹ 78/- || Amazon.com: Starting From $ 7.98/-

Special Mention

Belkin RockStar Audio Splitter:
Amazon.in: ₹ 898 || Flipkart: ₹ 938 || Amazon.com: $ 9.34

Selfie stick

Most of you may not have felt its need so far, but it could be a handy tool, especially when you are traveling solo. Selfie sticks have mushroomed in the smartphone accessory market and taken it by storm.

Whether you want to click a selfie, groupfie or take interesting shots from different angles, a selfie stick could be of some aid. It comes in different variants – with some of them even equipped with Bluetooth controls for easy operations.


Flipkart: Starting from ₹ 95/- || Amazon.in: Starting from ₹ 114/- || Amazon.com: Starting From $ 1

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