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Best Everything: Best of Smartwatches 2015

Choosing the best smartwatch right now is a tough task given the large amount of new smart watches hitting the shops from the likes of Apple, LG, Motorola, Samsung and many more.

I’ve completely made a list of my favorite smartwatches that you should try and maybe I could help those looking to make the right decision. Whether you’re looking for functional, sporty or both topped with a stylish look, read on for my selection of top tech timepieces for everyone to consider.

Apple Watch

Apple’s most ambitious, well-constructed smartwatch, tops my list if you’re considering on pairing with just an iPhone

The Apple Watch is extremely well constructed, has a long battery life, and already has more than 1,300 apps, It also features an addictive activity tracking system, let’s you carry out phone conversations from the watch, provides more text and the ability to interact with messaging than what is provided on Android Wear, supports easy watch face customization, and has a vast accessory market.

The Apple Watch isn’t perfect and I imagine we will see some improvements in 2016. Despite its flaws (poor sports features and the lack of GPS), the Apple Watch could be the first wearable that’s actually a pleasure to wear.

Samsung Gear S2

When it comes to Samsung smartwatches, the Gear S2 breaks new ground. Never before have I been able to describe a Samsung smartwatch as desirable, intuitive or most importantly of all, compatible.

With its Swatch-like looks and ability to play nicely with rival Android smartphones, Samsung has performed a spectacular U-turn. The result is a bold wearable that gets as much right as its predecessors got wrong.

It’s not perfect – this isn’t that dream hybrid of fitness tracker and all round wrist computer and we really need to see more apps for Tizen – but with decent battery life without sacrificing features it feels like a leap forward.

The 3G and GPS model has the chance to change what an everyday smartwatch is capable of but the regular S2 and the Classic should be on every Android owner’s smartwatch shortlist.

Moto 360

I had been quite overwhelmed by the first-gen Moto 360 though it had battery issues… Well the Moto 360 second-gen also has the same problems.

Its Android Wear software is awkward and not entirely useful, its fitness features are lacking, and its round display has a weird black bar at the bottom.

The Moto 360’s distinctive round design and premium materials look sharp. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and it doubles as a bedside clock with its clever included inductive charging cradle. One great new feature in this year’s model is that you can go to the Moto Maker website and customize the band, bezel, and watch body of your own Moto 360.

The Moto 360 also runs the latest version of Android Wear and works, in limited capacity, with the Apple iPhone.

LG Watch Urbane

There’s no missing the Urbane, whether it’s the silver or gold model you’re wearing; that fully round bezel is seriously eye- and light-catching. It’s a smartwatch that looks like a traditional timepiece.

Unlike the more premium-looking Urbane LTE, with its classic watch shape and extra physical buttons, the regular Urbane looks much more fashion and feminine. It’s pretty pricey though.

If you really want to go all out, the LG Watch Urbane Luxe features a 23-karat gold watchcase and handcrafted alligator leather strap. It’s $1,200 mind.

Pebble Time

Pebble smartwatches are great choices for those who use multiple smartphones or those who bounce between iOS and Android since the Pebble is device agnostic. Pebble has a more focused smartwatch user interface with a focus on the timeline of your life. While there are plenty of apps, its the out-of-the box experience that makes the Pebble compelling.

The Pebble Time interface is efficient and a bit quirky with funny animations and effects.

The Pebble Time is constructed of steel and plastic with a silicone band. The battery is a bit smaller with about a week’s worth of battery life, which still far exceeds that of the Apple Watch and Android Wear. The Pebble Time is an affordable option. It’s highly water resistant and very visible outside so makes a great watch for the active lifestyle as well.

Smartwatches have come a long way in 2015 and there are still more options available too, so feel free to comment your choice.

Wearables are still not being adopted widely by the masses, but with more options, more features, and more competitive pricing I am sure that soon, I’ll start to see more on the wrists of daily commuters.

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