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Best Everything: Best of Tablets 2015

It’s tough to believe the tablet market has exploded as quickly as it has since the first iPad debuted five years ago. Many tablets have been launched ever since.Having a tablet isn’t a necessity for me but if I have one it’s kind of a luxury for me! But many of you’ll may be confused on which one’s better? I won’t be able to tell which is the best as its completely on your needs.

The main thing you consider before buying a tablet is that do you need an iPad, an Android, or a Windows model? That’s not all,  Do you need a tablet that offers hundreds of thousands of apps? Do you want a slate that you can easily hold with a single hand or one with a larger 10-inch screen? Do you need memory card slots for additional storage? How about 4G cellular connectivity so you can use your tablet to get online anywhere? Sorry, I confused you!

There are plenty of tablets out there, and knowing which one is the right one for yourself or a loved one can be tricky.

I’ve selected some tablets I loved this year according to their operating systems!


Google Pixel C- Best Android tablet Money can Buy!

India hasn’t received any news about its launch, But this is one Android tablet I’m waiting to have in my hands! Though it is an awkward combo with its keyboard, it is one of the google’s best hardware!

The Pixel C rocks a 10.2-inch display with a 2560 x 1800 pixel display giving a pixel density of 308ppi. On the inside, you have a Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset powering the device and it has a quad-core processor along with a Maxwell GPU. This is paired with 3GB of RAM.

The awkward part about the Pixel C is the keyboard when its paired with (that will need to be bought separately, however). The tablet attaches to the keyboard magnetically and does not require a kickstand to hold the keyboard.


Indian Price not available yet!
32GB- $ 499/-
64GB- $ 599/-

To buy visit Google Store

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2-  Expect the Unexpected!

The Galaxy Tab S2 may not look like an exciting tablet in this list. Featuring an unassuming rubberised chassis, the tablet doesn’t have much visual flair. But underneath its unassuming skin, the Galaxy Tab S2 is packed full of top-end internal components.

Key selling points include a powerful octa-core Samsung processor, a sharp and incredibly rich 8-inch, 2,048 x 1,536 resolution AMOLED display and security-savvy fingerprint scanner. The combination of parts makes the Galaxy Tab S2 one of the best all round Android tablets in the market.


Amazon.in: ₹ 39,400
Amazon.com: $349


Apple iPad Air 2- The prettiest tablet 2015

Apple is always the leader when its comes to tablets, and the iPad Air 2 has made its long way ahead of its competitors.

Sleeker, faster and even more beautiful, the iPad Air 2 boasts an even more eye-popping Retina Display in a design that’s 18 percent thinner than the original Air. An anti-reflective coating seriously cuts down on glare when you’re outdoors.

The A8X chip is the most exciting part, it delivers jaw-dropping graphics in a new wave of games, as well as more horsepower for exciting new video editing apps.

A sharper 8-MP iSight camera along with slo-mo video recording and long battery life — not to mention more than 675,000 apps — solidify the Air 2.


Apple iPad Air 2 (64GB) – Flipkart: ₹ 51,555 || Amazon.in: ₹ 50,900|| Amazon.com: $ 541.85
Apple iPad Air 2 (128GB) – Flipkart: ₹ 59,000 || Amazon.in: ₹ 59,290 || Amazon.com: $ 627

Apple iPad Mini 4 – Apple’s littlest iPad

iPad’s Mini have always been my favorites!

2014’s iPad Mini 3 wasn’t really an update; it was, quite literally, just a 2013 iPad Mini 2 with the addition of a Touch ID home button for fingerprint identification.

The Mini 4 is the iPad I think I could use: it has an upgraded A8 processor, better cameras, and a more vivid, color-rich Retina display, and on top of all that it’s a bit thinner and lighter. It also supports split-screen apps, the coolest part of iOS 9 — the Mini 4 joins the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro as the only iPads that can do it.

In a lot of ways, the Mini 4 is like a shrunken iPad Air 2. But it’ll cost you close to the territory of one!


Apple iPad Mini 4 (128GB) – Flipkart: ₹ 52,900 || Amazon.in: ₹ 42,900 || Amazon.com: $ 547.94
Apple iPad Mini 4 (64GB) – Amazon.in: ₹ 35,870 || Amazon.com: $ 449


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This tablet is coming to India next year! Its gonna be in the Indian markets by January!

Microsoft has more or less nailed the tablet formula now, as evidenced by the Surface Pro 4. It’s a minor update to the Pro 3 in many respects, but it’s a very complete and thoughtful product that’s ideal for anyone who demands a tablet fit for any situation.

Most of the core elements are the same, including the wonderful fully-adjustable hinge, but the screen is a smidgen larger – 12.3-inches now. The Surface Pen is very good, despite some slight issues with latency, but the star is the screen. It’s arguably the best screen on any tablet – it’s sharp, colorful and very accurate.

As ever, the Pro 4 comes in a range of configurations, starting with Intel Core M processors to Core i7 chips with as much as 16GB of RAM. Basically, it’s as fast as you need it to be, or as fast as you can afford, and a full version of Windows gives you ultimate flexibility. It’s the do anything, anytime tablet.


Indian Prices will be updated!
And in the US it starts from $ 899.

My list couldn’t get any better! Let know about your comments!
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