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Best Places To Visit This Summer! Travel Destinations For The Month Of May!

In India, May is the time when we get a Summer Holiday from out Schools or Colleges, and it is the best time to travel to places with the people you love.

You’ve been dreaming of summer all year long, and it’s finally here. Pack your new suit and plenty of sunscreen for your first beach weekend of the season. Where to go? Lucky you; I’ve done the work for you! Check out the best places to be at this summer.

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Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Kalan Complex

Bukhara, in central Uzbekistan, is often considered to be Asia’s holiest city. During the 9th and 10th centuries, it flourished as a centre for philosophy, religion and poetry.

Every May, Bukhara’s traditional heritage and arts are celebrated during the Silk and Spices Festival. The old town is adorned with ornaments of the Middle Ages and plays host to parades, traditional dances, musical performances, demonstrations of handicrafts like jewellery-making and ceramics, and a huge silk and spice bazaar.

Take time for a moment of spiritual reflection in Central Asia’s oldest remaining mosque – the 9th century Maghoki-Attar, as well as a wander through the Ark, a massive 5th century fortress.

Once your feet are tired, grab a table on the lovely roof terrace at Minzifa, where your meal comes with unbeatable views of Bukhara’s iconic blue tiled domes.

Cannes, France

Looking for a glamorous getaway? Head to the sun-drenched and star-filled Côte d’Azur for the world-famous Cannes Film Festival.

This annual film festival brings Hollywood’s elite to the picturesque French seaside town every year in May. Take advantage of the picture-perfect beaches, chic resorts and plenty of celeb-spotting opportunities.

And if you want to escape the paparazzi, head to the nearby beautiful beaches of Nice, Monte Carlo and Saint-Tropez.

Fez/Fes, Morocco

May is practically the best time to be in Morocco, with the weather sunny and pleasant and the summer crowds yet to arrive. This year, it also coincides with the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music (Fès des Musiques Sacrées), a gathering of creative minds from around the world.

From 6-4 May 2016, a variety of musicians, artists and intellectuals will descend upon the 1200-year-old city of Fez and come together to produce a fusion of music, religion and art. The festival is fuelled by the belief that music can heal the world and break down all barriers.

Every evening, major concerts are held at the palace courtyard of the 14th century Bab al Makina, headlined by renowned international musicians. There are also free concerts held in the gardens of Dar Tazi and Boujloud Square, as well as parties and art exhibitions at the Batha Museum.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv has the best of both worlds- Beach Holiday and a City Break!

Its outdoor-loving locals come alive in May, when everything spills outdoors and beautiful young people hit the beaches and restaurant terraces for the most superlative food and lively arts and social scenes.

Those seeking history and culture should head to JAFFA, the old part of the city where hip boutiques are springing up in its ancient stone walls.

Kasauli, India

Come to Kasauli with me!

Kasauli is a picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh and is another wonderful place for spending a quiet weekend.

Situated at a distance of about 54 kms from Chandigarh, Kasauli offers a tranquil ambiance, where one can relax and attain peace of mind. This hill station has a colonial look and British era churches which are the main attractions here.

One can enjoy long walks amidst the Pine and Oak forest here. Quiet and beautiful, Kasauli is indeed one of the best places for a weekend getaway in India.

Yes, I’ll be visiting Kasauli and other parts of North India this Summer holidays, and you guys will be a part of it. I’ll be writing daily about my journey and places I’ll be visiting so keep checking the page out

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