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#BlogOEmotion: It’s OKAY to be SAD sometimes!

Sadness is a universal thing, and everyone, regardless of how privileged, lucky and healthy they are, may be sad at some point of their life. Let’s just screw the fact that “Every Story has an Happy Ending“. I’m talking about important stuff: SADNESS.

Of course, Happiness is a choice. So here’s something I often wonder: Is sadness a choice too? You may say “Who wants to be sad?

Happiness is something that most of us long for. Happiness is the positive emotion and state of mind that most of us want to live in. Sadness seems dark and dismal and something to flee from. Sadness, however, is something that we all experience at one time or another. And here I am trying to explain you that maybe it’s OKAY to be sad sometimes.

Sincerely: I do not take sadness lightly. But after a lot of thinking, I do take it than I was raised to, and than almost anyone else I know. Now, sometimes when I’m not sad and I think about sadness, that thought is accompanied by this startling one: I MISS IT…

You may say, that this guy is completely nuts, How could anyone miss Sadness!

Well, maybe that’s just me! But I always feel that its during your sad times, you may find the best people in your life! People who can make you smile, laugh and at the same time think about the decisions you are taking or may have taken!

The other day, I was having a chat with my bestfriend. That day I was feeling incredibly sad and I couldn’t explain why. In response, she consoled me, “You are probably just stressed about something. It’s going to be OK.” I could feel her love, and her desire for me to simply feel better.

But I told her that I didn’t want to just feel better. I wanted to just forget some stuff, completely!

And you know what? I’ve learned that that is the best way for me to ask for the support to feel, and just let it all be. She totally understood.

So next time you feel sad, let yourself be sad. It’ll be OK, I promise. Don’t worry about it too much, and don’t force yourself to be happy. Accept that sometimes you’re going to feel sad and that it will pass, in the same way, that happiness, anger, jealousy, and every other emotion you experience passes. Sometimes you have to let yourself just go with the flow for a little while.

Remember, It’s OKAY to be happy, but it’s OKAY to be sad, too.

Let’s end it here!

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