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#BlogOEmotion: Oh, Baby, You Should Go and Love Yourself…

I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.
Lucille Ball

Many of us usually think of falling in love as a process specific to dating, but in reality, we fall in love in so many different ways and with so many different things. I personally fall in love with people, places, literature, art, and even states of mind.

While many of us look for love from a partner and mate, we often miss out on the person who has some amazing love to give, and who is amazing: the person looking back at us from the mirror.

If we fall in love with ourselves, we will discover a source of love that doesn’t run out.You may say that often others do love us even if we don’t love ourselves, they may see the awesome within us, even if we don’t.

Well, the problem here is that if we don’t love ourselves, we may have a lack of self-confidence, insecurities and jealousies, self-dislike, unhappiness, and so on. If we allow this cycle of negativity to continue, we might behave in ways that push others away and then that love from others that we crave might not be around for long. So loving ourselves is important from that angle.

So in short, if we learn to love ourselves, then we’ll always be around someone who loves us, and be happier… we’ll be more confident, secure, positive, and fun! So let’s find out how to start your journey to a loving relationship—with yourself.

Start writing

No one’s asking you have to pen the next great novel,(even if you possibly could!) but one of the best ways to get to know yourself is writing down your thoughts. Even if you only write a few sentences a day, you never know what you might learn about yourself more than anyone else could.

Appreciate yourself once

Or Twice or maybe a million times! Get in the habit of acknowledging the good things about yourself as you notice them. Start to learn to accept this interesting person, his/her greatness and flaws alike, and appreciate all of it. This might mean putting aside the judgments of yourself, and saying, “This is what makes you … you. And because of that, it is perfect and great.

Go on a Movie Date- Alone!

How much talking do you do during a movie anyway? Treat yourself to a date. Whether it’s a deep and soulful experience or just a night off from your hectic life, we all deserve a break sometimes, and there is no greater company than you and no better movie than the one screening! Then you could just go over to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite meal! Best dates of all time!

Splurge a little… or maybe a million!

 You know that gaming console that you’ve always wanted? Or that dress you saw at the mall? Treat yourself. Irresponsible spending won’t help you love yourself, but it’s OK to occasionally remind yourself that you deserve to give gifts to you.

Whatever you choose to do, the most important step to falling in love with yourself is learning to appreciate yourself. Always remember what Wayne Dyer said, “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” But loving yourself isn’t all about spending all of your time alone. It’s about finding the trust inside to love all of you, especially the parts that might be different than the people around you because you have something no one else in the world has: YOU!

Let’s end it here!

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