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#BlogOEmotion: Overcoming the Fear of Overthinking!

Ever had this feeling where you just over-analyze your regular interactions or experiences, to a point that you just associate it with all the other bad things that have happened in your lives, and just start feeling miserable? Well that’s what overthinking does to you.

I’ve always tried my best to stay positive, but occasionally I may just slip into some unwanted negative thinking patterns that may just wreak havoc in my life. I might worry about my past blunders or current stresses, and without my knowledge find out ways how these could lead to negative outcomes in the future.

Anxiety and overthinking tend to be evil partners. Because anxiety makes you overthink everything. Those who know me the most may have noticed the high levels of overthinking I go through every fucking day! But its just the thought of overthinking that may just make me anxious… Cause it just fucks up my life!! I’ve had periods in my life when I have gone through an emotional difficulty or just taken some of the worst decisions of my life.

There’s plenty of reason to stop over thinking, but if you’re trapped in it, all of this may only make you feel worse and give you something more to fret about. But this post isn’t just about overthinking, it’s finding ways to stop overthinking.

1. Accept that You Have a Problem with Overthinking.

First, let’s just accept it that we have a problem! You know its said that the first step to healing is acknowledging the problem. Burying your head in the sand or denying this reality will only make the situation worse. If you are not sure if you have a problem, ask your best friends or loved ones, because they are usually the ones who will see it even if you cannot and maybe help you out solving it.

2. Forgive Yourself

Once you admit that you are an overthinker, forgive yourself, because the brain is hard-wired to make overthinking a natural tendency. When something bad happens or someone is feeling negative, they are more likely to think negative things and also see non-existent connections between all the bad events that have happened in their lives. The more frequently this happens, the more likely the individual is to over-think in the future. While the brain might be wired to make associations, once you become aware, it may soon start solving the problem.

3. Talk Less, Get Physical

So many overthinkers, especially those similar to me, you can’t help but want to “talk it out” when we are feeling stressed and worried. While talking about the worries can sometimes help, it usually will make things worse, especially if the person you are talking to is also an overthinker, and you spend the entire time over-analyzing and dissecting every detail of every negative problem in your lives.

But I know, sometimes you just want to let the energy out! In this case, you could just go do something physical, whether it is going for a brisk walk, playing with a pet or children,  or doing yoga. Activities that are both mentally and physically engrossing are the best because they require enough absorption to pull you out of obsessive thinking patterns and into a state of flow.

If you really feel the need to express your issues, you can always write them down, to clear them out of your mind and just tear down that paper. You may soon notice you are no longer the slave of your thoughts.

4. Phone a friend

This a method I personally recommend, cause sometimes an actual friend or a counselor, or advisor, can give you a real perspective on the issues related to your overthinking. Take the time to talk with someone whose judgment and common sense you trust, and share the topic of your thoughts and the extent of your worry and thinking. Having a voice of knowledge and authority reinforce that everything is OK will help break the overthinking pattern.

Keep in mind, telling yourself to stop thinking about something can rebound. It’s just that the more you try to forget something, the more you remember it. So try busying yourself with an activity, exercise, or get working on a project,  or a person that will distract your mind from the barrage of negative thoughts.

Let’s end it here!

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