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#BlogOEmotion: What are you Angry about? Ways to deal with your Teenage Anger!

I agree being a teenager isn’t easy.  I myself am a teen and I know we do have so many pressures to deal with such as school, work, family, friends, hormones, and many other things. And you may agree if I say its the most frustrating time of our life! We feel so oppressed by our parents, and you may have had frustrating experiences with dating or in your friendships, And mind you I’ve faced all of these experiences!

To counter these fits, you may have just slammed doors or thrown pillows, which aren’t that HUGE…

But I felt like writing this post, in the wake of the most recent horrifying teen crimes. Yes, you guessed it right the Munich shootings, that took place 22 July 2016. According to the news, the perpetrator, David Sonboly was an 18- year old boy who open fired in the vicinity of a mall in Munich killing 9 people and injuring 36 others. Though I don’t know much about his motive, he surely was a teen and it was his anger towards something that made him open fire on innocent people.

Then, Bhavish why are you letting us know about it? Well in this post I’m listing down 5 ways in which I calm myself down! And maybe you could try it out let me know. Deal?

1. Take deep breaths: Breathing from your chest won’t relax you, so try breathing from your “gut.”

2. Think about something funny: Although easier said than done when you are angry, if you can get yourself laughing, you can change your emotional state. You can use your brain and imagination to create all sorts of ridiculous situations that can get you laughing.

3. Avoid responding with physical aggression: If you’ve had a fight with someone, your first impulse may be to hit, push, or kick someone. If you feel like you need to punch or hit, rather than hitting a person, hit an object, like a pillow or a punching bag(Well that’s what its made for!).

4. Slowly repeat a calming word or phrase: Try telling yourself to calm down by repeating words or phrases such as “relax” or “calm down”. Keep repeating it to yourself while breathing deeply.

5. Talk with your best friend: Tell your friend or anyone you trust what is making you angry. In many cases, simply venting your frustrations will help you to cope with your anger, even if there is no solution presented from the conversation.

If none of this helps,  express your feelings through a piece of art or writing, it may help you figure out your thoughts. Simply write in a journal or paint a picture. You might draw a comic strip, or just write a book.

Guys, ANGER is a strong emotion. It can feel immense at times. But learning how to deal with these strong emotions, without losing control, will just make you a more mature person. It may take a little effort, a little practice, and a little patience, but you can get there if you want to.

Let’s end it here!

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