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Common Hair Mistakes When Going on a Journey

Planning a journey and want to provide your locks with the best care? Learn to maintain your hair properly when exploring new places!

1. Packing too many products

Women tend to freak out and pack everything they see when going on a journey. Experts at Hair Salons NYC recommend packing only the essential products like shampoo, conditioner, and maybe hair spray. Give your hair a break from all those styling products and dedicate more time to exploring the world around you!

2. Taking wrong-sized bottles

Taking wrong-sized bottles of products is one of the biggest mistakes. There is no need to bring huge bottles on a trip for two reasons. Firstly, it takes too much precious space in your suitcase. Secondly, you won’t, probably, use all of it. Thus, you should visit some Hair Salons NYC and get travel size bottles!

3. Shampooing too frequently

If you go to a place with hot and humid climate, your hair becomes greasy faster due to excessive sweating. However, it doesn’t mean you should shampoo your locks every day. Excessively frequent washing causes dryness you don’t want to deal with. Use other ways to solve greasy hair problems such as dry shampoo, accessories, and helpful hairstyles.

4. Lack of care when swimming

Usually, trips give us an opportunity to swim in a swimming pool, sea, or ocean. Wherever you do it, you should always protect your hair from salt water or chlorine. Rinse your locks with clear water and apply clarifying shampoo to get rid of nasty things in your precious hair.

5. Ignorance of UV protection

UV protection is an essential element of hair care in sunny weather. You should shield your locks from harmful sun rays to preserve its health and moisture. Look for products containing UV filters and have no fear!

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