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Corrupted Hard Disk Recovery Tips

Whether mounted on a system or attached externally, the hard disk can get corrupt partially or completely due to a number of reasons. Such a scenario does not occur frequently; and, if it does, it restricts you from accessing the data you stored on it. As data is an important asset for both businesses and individuals, its inaccessibility results in a grim situation.

To curb this, you can go for a hard disk recovery, whereby you can either repair the hard disk so that it can be put to use again for accessing data, or simply retrieve all data on a new storage device (flash drive or hard disk). The tips for recovery of data from hard disk depends on the type of corruption incurred in it. Majorly, they are of two types: physical and logical corruption/damage.

Types of corruption

Corruption in your hard disk can take place all of a sudden without prior warning or after sending warning messages for quite a number of days. Know more about the types of corruption that can affect your hard disk here in the section below:

1. Physical damage – It is the mechanical damage caused to the hard disk. It occurs because of physically broken hard drive, or if there is some kind of inconsistency in its component called platter.

2. Logical damage – It is the non-physical damage caused to the hard disk. It occurs due to the discrepancy in the file structure wherein the BIOS of the system can see the hard drive, but cannot access the data on it. Moreover, it may not be able to mount the partition and Windows may simply report that no drive is present.

With both types of corruption issues, data loss is a common problem.

Hard Disk failure: Early signs

Let’s identify the early signs of failure!

  • Irregular snapping on, scratching, smashing noises, etc. [The sound is from the drive heads, which can be scraping the platters. The more the disk heads harms the platters, the more is the chance of data loss on hard disk corruption.]
  • Blue screen of death (BSoD) error

Measures to avoid Hard Drive failure

If you observe any or both these signs of hard disk corruption/failure, you should stop using it immediately to prevent damage to the disk. The reason being, these indicate your hard disk to be probably suffering from problem that may result in huge data loss in the future if you do not discontinue to use it.

Understanding the early signs of failure is essential for you to be prepared for the hard disk crash. It does not mean these symptoms will automatically and quickly lead to ‘crash’ and a requirement for hard disk data recovery, but it will definitely help you to combat data loss situations.

Note – Ignoring these signs of hard disk failure that appear in the initial stages of corruption can land you into a serious problem of your system hard disk not responding at all, or responding abnormally. By failing to take preventive steps, your hard disk crashes and you lose access to your data resulting in need of hard drive recovery tips.

The hard disk recovery tips

Here, you will get to know all that can be done for hard disk recovery. Most importantly, you will know when to opt for what type of recovery option. Hard disk recovery is retrieving all the stored information from the physically or logically corrupted hard disk.

  • If your hard disk suffers logical corruption, you can recover all its data by running third party hard disk recovery software applications.
  • If your hard disk suffers physical corruption you should go for hard disk recovery services by experienced professionals. Recovering data from physically corrupt hard disk is beyond the capacity of external data recovery utilities as the hard disk cannot be accessed.


You can try hard disk repair and recovery services available at Stellar Data Recovery centres as the technicians over there ensure 100% data recovery. In most of the cases, they can even repair the dead hard disk and retrieve all data out of it.


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