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Decreasing the age factor when traveling

Traveling is obviously harder for older people, although they have way more time to enjoy the tremendous sights all over the globe. The biggest complications occur when it comes to reaching the destination which includes numerous means of transport. Nevertheless, a bit of planning, positive mindset and proper packing will decrease any possible complications to the minimum.

1. Plan ahead

Perform the reservations of your flight or ride in advance to get the best aisle seats. Consider the time zone you are arriving at. In case you are going to arrive late, you should prepare the address for the taxi driver if you are going to use a cab. Call your hotel beforehand and ask the concierge to call the taxi for you. It is great to ask for some room service. When choosing a room, try to avoid the upper levels if there is no elevator. Make sure you will get some help to carry your luggage when you arrive at the hotel. Always check the room before unpacking. 

2. Avoid the rush

A particular case of planning is to make sure you have enough time between the connecting rides and flights. Consider the region and the distance, but 90 minutes is generally enough. It will prevent panic and catching the transport.

3. Compact and bearable luggage

Use a roomy wheeled bag which can carry a soft bag on the top. Pack both the bags equally in terms of weight so that you won’t get your spine strained. Double check the essentials packed in your luggage like the shaving kit and an extra pillow sleep. Put all the prescripted medications and some water in your hand luggage. Avoid carrying have items by checking as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to speak up to make sure the flight attendant will check the luggage for the final destination. Put some snacks in your hand luggage if you won’t get any food in the connecting city or during the flight.

4. Personal comfort

Wear loose-fitting apparel and comfortable shoes which can be easily taken off (like the ones with a zipper). Take a hanky for general purposes like moistening the air you breathe. Don’t forget to take a case for your glasses and bring yourself something to entertain yourself. When off the plane or a train, use the luggage carts if they are available. Use the restroom before the departure to use it as rarely a possible during the trip.

If the anticipated travel seems to be fairly uncomfortable, consider changing it or even cancel it to plan out a new one. Provide yourself with as much pleasure and composure as possible.

Jessica Carter
Graduated from UAL (University of Art London) with a specialization in Fashion Journalism. Living in NYC and practicing skills received there. Tries writing about fashion trends for different magazines and websites. Also, interested in traveling, and my dream is to travel around the whole globe. Already been to Norway, France, German, Poland, and Morocco. Visiting India soon. Planning to write a book about her adventures in different countries.