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Easy ways to keep your hair hydrated in hot climate

Going on a trip to a place with extremely hot climate? Want to keep your hair ultimately hydrated and healthy? Follow these tips and leave worries behind!

1. Choose right products

Maintaining optimal moisture balance of your hair in a hot climate is difficult but more than possible. NYC barbers recommend using moisturizing hair products to fulfill this task. This kind of products will provide your mane with extra hydration and eliminate chances of having dryness.

2. Enrich with conditioning

According to NYC barbers, conditioner is one of the richest sources of hydration for your hair. That is exactly why you should never ditch your conditioner. Use it each time you shampoo, and you will never have to deal with dehydration!

3. Always cover your head

You should never go outside without your hat on! Sun in a hot climate is ruthless, and it can do serious damage to your hair. Exposure to direct sun rays has negative consequences for moisture balance of your mane. A hat helps to protect your hair from harmful influence of the sun and preserve precious moisture.

4. Give heat tools a break

If you want to keep your hair hydrated, you should stop torturing it with heated tools. Your hair gets enough heat in a hot climate, and it’s obvious. Exposure to additional heat won’t make your hair happier and more hydrated, that’s why you should minimize heat styling!

5. Apply sun protection

As we have already mentioned before, exposure to the sun can be very harmful, especially in hot climate. There are other ways to shield your mane from dangerous UV rays beside a hat. The most efficient way to protect your hair in the sun is to provide it with thorough protection. Look for products containing UV filters and have no more fear!

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