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End of the Year, Already? Best Holiday Destinations for December!

So it’s Winter! Fresh snowfall, Festive storefronts, and some drinks to warm my gist. That’s arguably one of the best things in the world to spend Christmas.What’s the Best place to Party? Where are the best places to spend a peaceful New Year’s Eve? Whether you need a break from the holiday madness or you want to dive headfirst into the festivities, I’ve got the best places to visit in December.

I’ll make sure that you aren’t returning to school/office in boring old January without a golden smile or the look of someone who just had the most fun Winter break ever.

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Prague, Czech Republic

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Surely nowhere cosier in the snow than Prague. Those perfectly preserved ancient streets, feel just like a fairytale, you know with that castle! With its historic streets, Baroque and Gothic architecture, with looming cathedrals and storied holiday markets, it’s no wonder Prague is considered one of the best places to spend Christmas.

Among the many things to do in Prague, you might consider a walking tour of Prague Castle, strolling over the famous Charles Bridge, or having dinner with that special someone at the Lobkowicz Palace.


Playa Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. Source: Graciela Cattarosi

This the beach break with a difference. Most of Uruguay’s neverending sand beaches are practically empty even in this high season. That high season lasts just a few weeks, in December, and if you like things lively, it’s the right time to come here.

You can still find a beach pretty much to yourself, around the little José Ignacio, La Barra and Punta del Este. But December is when the wooden shack restaurants and beach bars and artsy little hotels open their shutters for the Buenos Aires party crowd who hop across the River Plate for Christmas and New Year fun.

Lapland, Finland

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December seems the better time to visit the North Pole, you know for Christmas? When a sleigh ride through Lapland, pulled by huskies or reindeer, is surely most unforgettable, when the light show in the skies, the Northern Lights, playing all the colours of the spectrum over Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, is at its brightest and best.

Positioned in Inari, Lapland – Ivalo is a beautiful village from where travellers can admire the northern lights. Enjoy the spectacular scenery by hiring an Aurora Hunter if you want to find the perfect spot to view the lights.


Distinguished as the ‘Vegas of the East’, Macau is as famous for its casinos as it is for its sandy beaches and UNESCO-listed landmarks, but the best reason for visiting Macau in December is to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. The city’s casinos will be throwing glitzy bashes to mark the countdown to 2017, but the main attraction will be the dazzling fireworks displayed over Nam Van Lake.


December and Goa in the same sentence could only end with the EDM and PARTY! Sunburn India’s Electronic Dance Music, with Goa’s own charm, head to this bit of trance, and party your way all the way to the New Years.

Goa is easily one of the best places in India to spend the year end. And obviously, the laid back atmosphere, the numerous beaches, the yummiest of food and the booze, all make Goa an ideal place to visit.

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