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Five Must-Have Products For This Summer

Must Have Products For This Summer

Like to be on trend and always stay curious about new beauty tendencies? You’ve found the right source! Check out these five must-have things you need this summer, provided by the top specialists at the best hair salons in New York.


#1 Hydro Silk Razor

You will want to shave every day if you have such hydro silk razor. The five blades are surrounded by a hydrating serum to moisturize your skin and provide with a smooth shaving. It is an entirely must-have thing if you are going to travel – it takes minimum place in your backpack and gives you maximum benefits: smooth legs, armpits and lots of confidence.


#2 Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an organic product which can be used for different purposes – sun protection, aftershave, moisturizer, etc.  Moreover, you can use it as a makeup remover – just apply a little amount of coconut oil on a cotton wool ball and gently remove the makeup. It has none of parabens and alcohol in its content, so be sure that it is suitable for any skin type, even sensitive.


#3 Hydration lover rubber mask

Masks are entirely necessary for your daily life. They prevent dull, dry and aging skin. This product will deeply moisturize your face and protect it with the help of vitamin C in its content. Very nourishing, Hydration lover rubber mask will help your facial skin to stay radiant and supple for 2-3 days after the application!


#4 Body micro tip

Micro-needling is a technique which helps your skin to stimulate collagen production. Very tiny, this thing is pure magic! You can use it not only for your face but legs and arms as well. With a gently rounded movement, this procedure will be your fancied, just don’t forget to turn on your favorite TV-show and make a glass of fresh smoothie.


#5 Egg mousse body oil

Every girl knows how it is important to moisturize your body every day, especially in summer, when your body struggles from heating and drying. There are so many creams you’ve already had, but girl, you need to try this magic egg mousse body oil.

Stay cool and confident for 100% this summer.

Jessica Carter
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