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Game Review : Daddy Was A Thief

Recently I came across Rebel Twin’s latest offering “Daddy was a Thief”. According to me the game is quite engaging and fun to play.

The Plot of the game is…

You play the a Daddy who was out of job and to feed his family, he has just robbed a bank and jumped to a nearby building.You have to escape the cops. Swiping down will butt stomp your way through the ground, while swiping up will jump. The butt stomp sends Daddy jumping to get enough momentum to make it through the floor in the first place.

Each floor will either have a resident or piece of furniture or the dreaded shrink ray, which will shrink you and you have double up your efforts to make it through the floor to avoid the deadly stinger missiles being fired at the building in order to take you down.

Some of the objects will help you, like slamming on the fridge will give you a protective bubble, and slamming on the tub will plummet you down a few floors.

You’ll get to a casino mini-game where you bounce around like a pinball, trying to hit all the light switches, and obtain the riches within. The bad thing is that the casino mini-game is mostly based on luck and not on your performance.
When you die, you will be gaining experience for the gold obtained throughout your run. All the shop items are locked behind these experience level walls, and then require gold to purchase. Rather than add to the experience, these upgrades seem there as an obligation, as they don’t really do much to enhance the game.
The background music of this game is amazing and brings a smile to your face. You won’t feel guilty about whistling the score when you are working. The sound effects of the game are quite good especially when you crash into the furniture.
My Overall Rating for the game is 3.5/5.
The game is available on Android’s Play Store and Apple App Store for free. Window’s App Store has the paid version.
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