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All The Grooming Stuff You Need To Take To Trip

All The Grooming Stuff You Need To Take To Trip

While you’re preparing for your trip, some things can be forgotten, so that’s why we asked stylists at the best barber shop NYC to provide us with a list of the essential grooming stuff every man needs.

#1 Razor

Very important thing, even if you use a trimming machine. Some hair can grow very fast and you’ll need to shave it, for example, before a date.

#2 Pre and post shaving products

Make sure, that you take a shaving gel and some post shaving lotion. Just notice, they shouldn’t have an alcohol in their content, because it irritates the skin and makes it over dried – and as a result – provokes flaking skin.

#3 Facial cleanser

Daily face washing is a must-do thing for every man. Don’t gather all those dirt – clean it regularly. Did you know that actually rinsing your skin isn’t enough, because water without a cleanser only spreads the dirt and oils?

#4 Moisturizing cream

If you don’t use it – go and buy some organic cream in a shop. It’s very important to apply it after every washing. This simple tip can reduce dryness and flaking skin as well.

#5 Antiperspirant deodorant

Stay confident with a nice and fresh smell for all day.

#6 Shampoo and conditioner

Take in your baggage an organic shampoo and conditioner with no parabens, sulfates, silicones, and alcohol in their content. Don’t use all those cheap free stuff in hotels, they’re really too bad.

#7 Perfumes

Girls like a fresh smell of body, so if you are going to meet some beautiful women and ask her for a date during your trip – just don’t forget some perfume and be confident that everything will be fine.

#8 Toothpaste and toothbrush

It seems that these guys are living their own lives and sometimes, you can be sure that you’ve taken them for 100%, but when you open the baggage – they’ve gone somewhere. Really strange things, so check them twice before leaving home.

#9 Wet napkins

Don’t ask why – will thank us later.

Don’t forget anything!

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