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Hair & beard care tips for men on sea vacation

Hair is also affected by sun rays, like the whole body. So it requires a special care when you’re on vacation. Here are simple, but really useful tips to keep your hair gorgeous.

Hair care tips

1. Don’t ignore caps. Wear one to protect head and hair. However, avoid tight hats, because scalp needs to “breathe”.

2. Do not come out under the sun rays with wet hair. Let it dry in the shade.

3. Use soft combs not to injure the scalp.

4. When you’re on vacation, choose the shampoos with peppermint or eucalyptus extracts. They have cooling and soothing effect on the hair and scalp. Massage the shampoo gently in order to make the herbal components work.

5. Minimize the usage of styling products. They make the hair heavier.

6. Always rinse the hair with lukewarm water after swimming. The salted water is often hard.

Beard care tips

What about bearded guys? Your beard also requires an appropriate care on vacation. Learn the tips below to avoid harsh and dry facial hair.

1. Always rinse the beard with fresh lukewarm water after swimming. Then dry, comb and touch it with wet hands. Your beard will look gorgeous!

2. Do not wash your beard and mustache with shampoo every day. Natural oils that make hair manageable, are washed away. Thus, daily washing makes the facial hair harsh.

3. Use a soap instead of shampoo. It adds more volume.

4. Use the hair conditioner once a week. It allows to maintain your beard well-groomed.

5. Help the facial hair to grow properly. Comb it in the desirable direction for 10-15 minutes a day. In such a way, you’ll keep the beard shape.


Attractive hair is not only woman’s feature. Use these tips to look handsome during the sea vacation.

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