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Hair Maintenance In Dry And Hot Climate

Love to travel and want to preserve the beauty of your hair at the same time? Learn how to maintain your locks in dry and hot climate.

1. Hide hair under a hat

Sun is the first thing you should worry about in dry and hot climate. Avoid exposing your hair to direct sun rays and cover your head!

2. Enrich with conditioning

Rich conditioning will provide your hair with strength and nourishment needed for survival in this climate. Professionals at Hair Salon in NYC can recommend you the best option for your hair type.

3. Provide more moisture

Most experts at Hair Salon in NYC agree that hydration is super important. Choose products with moisturizing properties for your hair.

4. Shield from UV rays

Hair maintenance includes protection from harmful UV rays. Use products containing UV filters to prevent heat damage and retain the health of your locks.

5. Protect when swimming

Sunny climate and swimming always go together, so protect your hair when swimming. Rinse it with clean water and apply clarifying shampoo.

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