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How To Feel And Look Good During Plane Flights

Plane Flights
If you travel by plane frequently, you’re aware of the grooming difficulties during the flights. Sometimes it’s really challenging to look good when you’re thousands of meters above the ground. Nothing is impossible, though. New York barbers have given the following recommendations.

1. Avoid fragrances

Even if you’re absolutely sure about the perfection of your fragrance, it’s better to apply it after the flight. Even the best scents can appear to be unpleasant and disturbing in enclosed space. Think about your neighbors and leave your fragrance for the better times.

2. Take a power nap

It’s understandable if you prefer to stay up during the flight because the environment at the plane isn’t favorable for sleeping. Lack of sleep can lead to a rebellion in your organism and make you look exhausted. A power nap is a perfect decision in this case! Give your body thirty minutes of sleep, and you will feel much more energetic and fresh!

3. Stay hydrated

The best way to feel and look good during plane flights is to stay hydrated. Since the humidity level in the plane is quite low, it’s pretty difficult to maintain a proper moisture balance of your skin and hair. According to New York barbers, there is a life-saving moisturizing spray you can use to keep everything hydrated.

4. Move your limbs

The vast majority of guys spend the whole flight sitting in their chairs and trying to amuse themselves. Try to move your body instead! Give your legs a stretch, walk around, talk to a cute air-hostess; in other words, do whatever you want instead of sitting in the chair!

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