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How To: Grooming when travelling

Check out these simple ways to improve your shaving experience when traveling!

1. Find A Substitute For Your Shaving Cream

Unfortunately, shaving cream is not a very cheap product, and it often does not come in a travel-sized bottle. Because of it, you might need to buy and throw away a new bottle every time you are getting off or boarding a plane. That is exactly why we recommend you to use a substitute. Many hotels provide you with sample-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Use them to lubricate your facial hair. You can also buy a bar of soap and pack it with you. Other possible substitutes are coconut and olive oils.

2. Find A Substitute For Your Aftershave

Aftershave is necessary when you want to reduce irritation and razor burn. You can use a number of products to achieve this goal. Dab your skin with a mouthwash of cologne of choice to disinfect the area and treat the nicks. You can also use stick deodorant, Vaseline, or lip balm to stop the bleeding. You just have to apply a small amount to the cut. Yet, the best DIY aftershave is often free – wash your face with ice-cold water after your shaving session.

3. Sharpen Your Razor

Keeping your razor clean and sharp is a key to a clean shave. Make sure to rinse out your razors every time you use them. You can also easily sharpen the blades to prolong the life of your shaving tool. The technique is similar to the one used by Barbers In NYC. Drag the razor on your blue jeans in the opposite of shaving direction. Make approximately 20 passes. It will sharpen the blades enough for you to get a clean, close shave.

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