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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy If You’re Obsessed With The Beach

Since the summer is here, we all know what it means – it’s time to go to the beach! The sun can do much more damage to our hair than you can imagine. This is exactly you should take some measures to protect it, especially if you’re obsessed with the beach.

1. Prepare in advance

NYC barbers recommend preparing your hair for the beach season in advance. You should start preparation for the summer with abstaining from anything that can damage your hair. Concentrate on regular conditioning, which will strengthen your hair by ensuring rich nourishment and moisture.

2. Keep styling simple

It’s important to keep your styling simple when heading to the beach. Since your hair will have to fight the sun, there is no need to make its life even more difficult with heavy hair products. You should use lightweight products with UV filters to keep your hair healthy and ensure strong protection.

3. Use head accessories

Head accessories offer a thorough protection for your hair and scalp at the beach, that’s why you shouldn’t ignore them. I don’t want to hear any excuses. There are so many options and different styles, so you can definitely find something you like unless you want to suffer the aftermath.

4. Remove rubbish

When you get home after the beach, you bring some ‘souvenirs’ with you such as sea salt and sand. Your hair doesn’t need these elements, that’s why you should remove them as soon as possible. According to NYC barbers, clarifying shampoo is the most effective product for releasing your hair from rubbish.

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