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How To Take Care Your Skin While Travelling

Traveling, especially when the weather is super extreme, will certainly take a toll on your skin. When we fly, traveling by trains, buses and etc., our skin goes awry. With just a few simple steps you can recover and calm your skin during stressful travelings and have fabulous and refreshed complexion. Check out these simple pieces of advice from the top specialists at best salon in New York.

#1 T.Y.O.B.B – Take Your Own Beauty Bag

Ladies, you should understand that a beauty bag for girls, it’s like water for your body. You should always take your own bad in any traveling. There should be all essentials, including lip balm, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, hand and body creams, shampoo and conditioner. When we stay in a hotel, there are so many hair and body care products which we can find in the bathroom, but you should understand that these things due to their cheapness can’t be applied to your skin; moreover, unusual body care products, can lead to allergy.

#2 Time to strip down

Girls, can I dare to say this? To help our skin, we need to avoid wearing makeup during the travels. You are so beautiful and gorgeous without makeup, you should remember this. Hot weather, dry air and cold winds, traveling by plane, train and car are enough harmful for your complexion. Give not only a mental rest for yourself but for your skin as well.

drinking water

#3 Stay always hydrated!

Water is the key to keeping our bodies hydrated while traveling. Avoid drinking alcohol in huge amounts, and provide your body with 6-9 glasses of fresh water every day. You should remember, that tea, coffee, and packed juices can’t moisturize you due to the high sugar content.

#4 Protection

While traveling you should think about your skin protection. Different weather can be a cause of skin dryness. We have a very simple decision for every weather – coconut oil. Due to its huge natural fat content, coconut oil will protect and moisturize your skin when the weather is cold; you can use it to protect your skin from sunburns; moreover, you can simply moisturize your hair with coconut masks before showering.

Your complexion always looks brilliant if you will follow these super simple steps.

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