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iPhone 8 is coming. Here’s a roundup of what we think it will be.

iPhone 8 Rumors

September is here and all eyes are now on the next big release of the year from Apple – the flagship iPhone 8. Though it is not yet final that the new phone will be called iPhone 8 or not – take it as another rumor – but most probably it’s what the new iPhone will be named. Also, there are rumors floating around, many of which are quite certain as well, the new iPhone will have lots of changes from previous models of iPhone and there will be a complete overhaul of its design and features. It is also expected that new iPhone will come with incremental models with the likes of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. However, the phone that is getting most of the attention is the one we are perceiving as iPhone 8.

So, without any further delays, let’s take a look at some of the top rumors floating around about the new iPhone.

Bigger Display With Minimal Bezel

iPhone 8

There are rumors floating around that new iPhone 8 will come with almost no bezel design and the display will go bigger this time. Rumors suggest that it will have 5.8” display which is definitely bigger than what we have in iPhone 7 Plus. A bigger screen, however, doesn’t translate into bigger phone size. There are reports that the size of the phone won’t change much compared to iPhone 7 and there won’t be any bezels at top/bottom of the new iPhone. Some have already started to call it a phone with “edge-to-edge” display. And the new iPhone 8 design rumors suggest that the display will come with small notch right at its top that will offer space for front cam as well as other sensors.

OLED Display

The new thing about the display of the new iPhone 8 isn’t just that it will be bigger, but it will be OLED display as well. Apple has decided to trail Samsung in this and offer its customers plenty of benefits over LCD displays such as better colors and contrast. OLED displays are more energy efficient as well. There are also rumors that suggest Apple is going to use 1/3rd of the OLED production of Samsung for new iPhone 8. It is expected that the new OLED display will offer better resolution as there are references found for 2436×1125 resolution display for the upcoming iPhone. That’s something substantial and much better compared to what we already have in iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.


iPhone 8

As for the body of the new iPhone, there are rumors that it will get an overhaul as well. Apple is expected to release the new iPhone with glass and steel body rather than aluminum that was used previously. Glass backing is expected to cover the stainless steel in new iPhone. Apple may not just be using glass in the iPhone body for giving it a premium appearance; rather, glass can also prove to be quite helpful in enabling wireless charging. Yes, rumors also suggest that Apple is bringing wireless charging features for the new iPhone.

Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 Wireless Charger

There are so many rumors floating around that Apple will introduce induction-based wireless charging capabilities in new iPhone 8. There are reports that the new iPhone 8 will be using Qi inductive standard of Wireless Power Consortium. Apple has already joined the group this year. Induction-based wireless charging has already been introduced in Apple Watch and there are reports that some of the leaked images that portray internal design of the new iPhone seem to show the coil for wireless charging as well.

With that being said, there are some rumors that suggest the software which will be used for charging iPhone 8 wirelessly might not be available by the time of device’s launch. Therefore, wireless charging accessory might be available sometime after the release of Apple’s flagship iPhone.

Facial Recognition

iPhone 8

Apple is also expected to change the security features of iPhone with the introduction of facial recognition called “Pearl ID” in its upcoming major iPhone release. There are rumors that Apple will be getting rid of Touch ID fingerprint unlocking mechanism, partly due to “edge-to-edge display”.

There will be facial recognition to be used as unlocking mechanism for iPhone 8. Apple is also doing everything possible to make sure that facial recognition works just fine even when the iPhone is laid flat on a surface or in dark as well. Also, the home button used to be the home for fingerprint reader as well in previous models of iPhones and there are rumors that, with Touch ID going away, Apple will also get rid of that physical Home Button. Also, there might be new “Tap to Wake” feature introduced with iPhone 8 as well. This will allow iPhone users to wake their phone up by tapping on its display after periods of inactivity.

So, enough rumors for the day! But one thing is for sure, Apple is really up to bringing something special to its long time iPhone users. The new iPhone also holds special value because it’s going to be the 10th-anniversary release of the device and Apple wants to bring something picture-perfect. Though we said everything above is a rumor, many of these things are almost confirmed to be the part of new iPhone. It’s less than a month now and we’ll soon have whatever the new iPhone is going to be like. Stay tuned until then to have more on Apple and its flagship iPhone.

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