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Is Samsung Worth Buying?

Samsung has become on of the leading smartphone makers in the world. There was a time when Samsung captured almost 63% of the Android mobile market share. 

The Samsung Galaxy Y(Young), Samsung Galaxy Mini and the Samsung Nexus 3 were the major phones which produced a large number of sales for Samsung. Samsung is still one of the major smartphone companies launching many new phones and smartphone series. Is Samsung actually worth it in today’s time?

Many people say that you should actually avoid Samsung. I am one of them. I would prefer a Nokia or a Moto smartphone over the Samsung line-ups. But many phones offered by Samsung are actually good. 

For example, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is one of the best phones I have ever seen. The weight of it, the feel when we hold it, the battery life, etc. It is one of the best innovations that Samsung has produced in years. 

This may be the best Samsung phone after the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3( It was one heck of a phone, right?). 

But, there are major drawbacks to Samsung too.

Lets take an example of their flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5;

The Samsung Galaxy S2 won the hearts of the Samsung fanboys. But, the later generations of the S-series disappointed them. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was the same. Here are the reasons why the Galaxy S5 received a lot of hate:

1) Low build quality

 Low build quality has been the most talked about concerns with Samsung phones. Most of the Samsung phones give a plastic feels all around. The back is easily removable and breakable. The Galaxy S5 is no exception. If gives a plastic feel on the back which is unusual for a flagship phone. Instead, the HTC One M8 gives an all-aluminium feel and look. The feel of the mid-range Samsung phones and the flagship phones is almost the same with no major innovation in design. Samsung needs to go all- in for a metal build on flagship phones.

2) TouchWiz

    This is one of the major drawbacks about why u would avoid a Samsung smartphone- the OS. The people who may have used Samsung phones for a while and then moved on to other stock Android phones may have noticed a major change in the usage of the phone. They may have felt that the other Android phone are actually more smoother than TouchWiz. Samsung keeps it the same in every Android update. For example, I couldn’t see any changes in the firmware between Android JellyBean and Android KitKat.
As you can see in the above image, last 3 generations of Android in Samsung phones, no changes can be seen. The Android Lollipop ROM for Samsung has very little changes with respect to the icons and the menu style. They have always been laggy and unresponsive at times. Heavy modifications to the OS also results in less utilizations of the hardware specs such as the RAM.

3) Lack of support services

    Samsung has always had a reputation of having a bad customer service; at least in India. They do not co-operate well with the customers and do not respond so well. Even talking about the regular firmware updates, Samsung are way behind in supporting consumers with software updates. For example; the Samsung Galaxy S4 had many camera and Wi-Fi issues, but even after receiving updates, the problem wasn’t solved. The other Android phones such as Moto or  HTC receive constant updates and are well preferred over the Samsung phones.

But, even with these drawbacks, few phones offered by Samsung are actually very good such as the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the Note 4 and the Note 3 Neo. These phones have better  hardware specs, a better display and a good battery life. The build quality is good, but they need improvements.

So, my verdict would be that, if you want a good value-for-money phone, please go for other phones rather than the Samsung ones. If you are a geek looking for a smoother Android experience, Samsung isn’t for you. If the user- experience or the build quality doesn’t matter for you, Samsung is good for you, but only certain phones!

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