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Let’s Make Holding Hands A Simple Impactful Gesture Again! #Blog&Celebrate

Nothing in this world compares to the comfort and security of having someone just hold your hand.
– Richelle E. Goodrich

People have always been in search for that one person who can make them feel warm when the harsh cold of loneliness sets in. Of course, you need, someone who makes you feel comfortable and with whom we can just hold hands and stare at the stars….

Holding hands isn’t just meant to be a sign of a newly cropped up love, but it should be the gesture of affection to anyone who may need it. Holding hands can have many different meanings, depending on who you are holding hands with. It symbolizes different feelings and thoughts, depending on the situation, or the person, so let’s just know about various meanings of holding hands!

Holding Hands in Relationships

If you’re in an intimate relationship holding hands may seem as just a simple gesture, but it screams mutual consent of affection. It may have a big impact on your relationship and symbolizes the connection you have. It is also a message you send to your better half letting them know, how proud you are to have them in your life.

Holding Hands with Friends

Holding hands of your friends is a symbol, that shows how bonded you’ll are. It is a sign of respect or deep friendship and may not indicate any type of romantic relationship when it comes to the same sex or even opposite sex. Holding hands may also just indicate friendship and sense of comfort the person have between them.

Holding Hands With Family Members

Once, I was holding my mother’s hand for crossing a busy road together we crossed the road to ensure she was okay. And I just continued holding hands afterward, as we entered the vegetable market. Later that day, my mother shared how she’d never really held my hands since the time I entered my teenage. That’s when I learned about the importance of showing affection, through just a simple gesture of holding hands.

Remember, in hard times family members will often reach out for each other’s hand as a gesture to comfort each other. It indicates support and compassion and the huge connection the family has.

The belief that people do not appreciate simplicity, in my opinion, is prevaricated. Keep in mind, holding hands costs nothing. But this simple act of holding a person’s hand might just save a life! So #LetsMakeHoldingHandsASimpleImpactfulGestureAgain 😛

Think about the last time you held hands. Who was the person? Why did you hold hands? What is your fondest memory of holding hands? Share your views in the comments.

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