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Marks are not everything!

To all my friends,

After the exam fever.. We had just got a break… And here we have another reason to worry about… THE RESULTS ARE ABOUT TO COME!!

But, Why Worry?? Are Marks all you got in life…?? No… Not at all..!!

Life of a student… is hectic! Our world as a student revolves around the school, college…. Teachers, classes, libraries, extracurricular activities and the center of this endless, spinning wheel are your books, Studies…And then Exams!!

We practically burn the midnight oil to go through our notes. Decline an invitation to the cinema just so that we can finish all the additional maths exercises in our workbooks. Hovering from shelf to shelf in the library to make up last minute notes… Or beg to that friend who was there in every lecture…(Chatur Reference!)

Stop! Stop and think again. What happened to our life? Are scores so important than a little socializing? Are we a knowledge-absorbing machine that we neglect your social needs?

Shockingly (for some), the answer is ‘no’. No, grades and socializing are equally important and no, we are not a machine. Though it is traditionally believed that grades determine our course in life, let me disclose a little secret… marks aren’t everything!

Everyone knows a majority of the Celebrities we look up to are either college dropouts or were regarded as the dumbest students in school… But.. Hey, look where are they now..!!

Albert Einstein – a Mediocre Student.
Steve Jobs – the Co-Founder of Apple and Pixar was a College Dropout.
Sachin Tendulkar – failed in his Board Examination.
Bill Gates – Chairman of Microsoft is a college drop out.
Thomas Alva Edison – inventor and scientist was a school dropout.
Winston Churchill – former Prime Minister of UK, writer, and artist was a Poor Student in school.

What would have been the situation, if these persons were not there? Our life would have been always dark without Edison.. Technological Revolution would be impossible without Jobs and his much talked about “i” products… Computers would have been a distant dream for many without Gates. No laurels for Indian cricket without Sachin. The list goes on…

Our very own, HRD Minister Smriti Irani is regarded as illiterate .. So why worry?

Why not add your name to the list? Why not do something that you love to do rather than doing the usual Engineering or MBBS?? Change the world… Make it look like you want it to look!!

With all the reasons why grades are not your entire world, I hope that you, My Friends will feel more at ease with your marks.

Time cannot be reversed no matter how you try to build a time machine. Your life as a student will, one day, be the most memorable part of your life. So while you are freshly treading the path of school life or college life, make it worthwhile. Create memories that you can smile about in the future as you go through your album. Live no regrets behind.

Finally, when we are on the threshold of adulthood and look back, maybe then, we’ll fully understand that marks are seriously not everything.

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