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My Dream Destination: Venice!!

Venice, The City of Canals!

Venice is a city unlike any other. No matter how often you’ve seen it in photos and films, the real thing is more dreamlike than you could imagine.

With canals where streets should be, water shimmers everywhere. The fabulous palaces and churches reflect centuries of history in what was a wealthy trading center between Europe and the Orient.
Getting lost in the narrow alleyways is a quintessential part of exploring Venice, but at some point you’ll almost surely end up in Piazza San Marco, where tourists and locals congregate for a coffee or an aperitif.
Well, lost in my dreams Venice is a long way for me… I’m just 17! And Venice isn’t a place I’d be going with my Parents… Venice as it is usually described in movies is the City Of Love!
Venice was that dream you never want to wake from!
Every corner you turn, you walk deeper into some real-life watercolor painting that a camera can never do justice. It’s like no place else I’ll ever want to be in.

It’s a maze of canals and small streets, whimsical bridges, and colorful buildings. And as with all mazes, you should prepare to find yourself lost a time or two… But getting lost here would help you discover some memories you’ll never forget!!

This isn’t a Travel Blog… As I’ve never been to this place.. But its my dream … A dream I want to fulfill the very moment..
Venice has and always will be a very popular stop for tourists or the honeymoon couples in India.

Venice is one of the world’s most romantic cities, but as far as I’m concerned the word “romance” in Venice applies to more than just wandering arm-in-arm with a sweetheart.

To me, romantic Venice means quiet pizzas, local markets, and water in narrow canals lapping the edges of crumbling buildings – and while I’d love sharing those things with a partner, in some ways I’d prefer being in Venice by myself… Discovering its true beauty!!
Traveling solo to Venice gives my mind more of an opportunity to wander into its wild places, and before I know it I’m imagining life as a 16th century Venetian courtesan… Romantic Venice is as much a state of mind, as it turns out, as a physical place.
Venice is expensive – and that applies to not just accommodation and dining, but also to shopping. Some of the most popular souvenirs to bring home from a Venice visit are Carnevale masks and paraphernalia, glass from Murano, and lace from Burano. All of these things can be found in stores that almost literally line the main tourist route in Venice, although you’d be smart to question the quality and authenticity of much of it.
One of the best ways to find romantic Venice is to get off the main tourist track in the city and get as lost as you possibly can. Don’t worry about getting dangerously lost – you’re on an island, after all, there’s only so “lost” you can get, and on top of that Venice is incredibly safe for aimless wandering.
Each day as enormous tourist crowds pour from the cruise terminal or the train station to St. Mark’s Square and back, it might seem that it would be harder to get away from the hordes. The truth, however, is that the vast majority of the visitors stay on one well-traveled route, so even during the high season all you need to do is walk in a perpendicular direction to the “main street” (taking care not to walk into a canal, of course!) and you’ll feel like you’ve got the city to yourself within a few minutes.
As I’d love saying,“You Can’t get Lost in Venice, but you should try…”

Aside from getting lost in Venice, the top activity on my agenda the time I’m going to be  in the city is a visit to St. Mark’s Basilica. It’s easily the most popular attraction in the city, and it’s blissfully free to enter. The trouble is that the line to get in – especially during the high season – can mean an hour or more of waiting. You can avoid that line, however, by reserving an entry time in advance online.

St. Mark’s Basilica

Your reservation will cost €1 (a small price to pay for a opportunity you don’t wanna miss!), and it grants you a 10-minute window in which to enter the Basilica. Just show your reservation number and time slot to the people at the door and you can waltz right past the line. Just try not to look too smug as you bypass those poor souls waiting in line – instant karma’s gonna get you! 😛

Perhaps its the sprinkling of moonlight on the canals, perhaps it’s the devastatingly beautiful Italian women who will unabashedly profess their love for you and make and make you swoon, or perhaps, it’s the fact that even if your pockets aren’t bursting at the seams with the greens, you can always grab a seat by the water, watch the gondolas glide by and still be the happiest person on the planet.

It is such a magical, romantic place with so much to do and see.

Take it easy and go with an open mind, and you’ll soon see that Venice hides a lot of its secrets beyond the canals. To gorge on delicious Venetian food, do yourself a favor and visit Venice’s oldest establishment, the Cantina do Mori. The only thing that’s changed in this 1462 bacaro (a traditional Venetian bar) is the owners, and its been attracting locals and visitors alike for all these years. Some say even Casanova was a regular here!!

Cantina do Mori

And One more thing… You’ll get the best views of St. Mark’s Square from the topmost terrace of Basilica di San Marco.

St. Mark’s Square
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